A Warning for Rebellious Judah

Recently, I had someone message me and say literally, “tell us good things”.  This rang a bell, so I prayed about it.  Surely God wants us to deliver warnings to the church!  How popular we are as we do the dirty work when the Lord is cleaning house. Not, but we do it in faith and he provides for us as we take abuse.  Rest assured we are pleasing the one who has all power and life and has the power to throw us into hell.  I would rather please the Lord than man.  I do not want it to be said that someone’s blood was on my hands for me not delivering a warning.  

The Lord says that what is in this chapter on Judah is for now.  That he is faithful to warn and educate us.  He is giving plenty of warning.  We are to pray to be counted worthy to escape all of these things that are coming upon the earth.  He says none will be without excuse.  To those with an ear, let them hear, says the Lord.  


There are good in the Lord’s words because obedience to him leads to life.  He will not lead us into darkness, but out of darkness.   In prayer on August 27, God showed me Isaiah 30: 8-17.  

A Warning for Rebellious Judah

Now go and write down these words.
    Write them in a book.
They will stand until the end of time
    as a witness
that these people are stubborn rebels
    who refuse to pay attention to the Lord’s instructions.
10 They tell the seers,
    “Stop seeing visions!”
They tell the prophets,  (Notice the distinction here between Prophets and Seers)
    “Don’t tell us what is right.
Tell us nice things.  (Sugar coated, seeker friendly-always arriving at the truth but never having the full knowledge of it…..or any power to deliver, for that matter).
    Tell us lies.  (Self-deception is a thing.  It’s part of the great deception in the last days and even God’s elect are in it’s cross hairs. Plus the being given over to a reprobate mind, the Leviathan spirit).
11 Forget all this gloom.  (This is a matter of perspective.  If we hear a warning, this is God’s mercy showing us it will come. He wants us to avoid gloom.  The judgement is not here yet, but it’s the warning.  That’s where the attitude comes in:  the full counsel of the word of God.  The Lord warns for two reasons 1. so that a judgement can be averted through repentance of the church and 2. when something is imminent.  And there is the challenge-to know one from the other. )

    Get off your narrow path. (This to many means being open minded. Not to me.  This means making choices to enter into the wide road that leads to destruction, instead of the narrow way that leads to life)

The Narrow Gate

13 “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell[a] is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. 14 But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.


Stop telling us about your
    ‘Holy One of Israel.’”  (  Uh oh, you know this is going to get the Lord’s attention!  He has something to say in the next verse: judgement for not listening)

12 This is the reply of the Holy One of Israel:

“Because you despise what I tell you
    and trust instead in oppression and lies, (think about this-because we instead trust in oppression and lies?  so people would choose to stay oppressed and lied to?  Yes.  Like the Israelites that were oppressed and lied to in Egypt.  Remember how the Israelites were always wanting to go BACK to Egypt?  Because it was safe and secure instead of having to live in faith and trust in the Lord and obey.   Boy, this is a stern warning.  How many of us have been told to do something and have not done it?  And we give the Lord our list of excuses as to why we have not trusted in him to do so?).

13 calamity will come upon you suddenly—
    like a bulging wall that bursts and falls.  (When a boundary falls that’s not a good sign spiritually.  That means God allows the enemy to buffet us in order to teach us something-a judgement.   The Lord says to me here, “Your servant will be your Master”. He corrects those he loves as the Father who delights in a Son . But it does not feel like love at the time, but it will lead to life.  He shows us the consequences he saved us from with the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus)

In an instant it will collapse
    and come crashing down. (There are a lot of suddenlies happening out there!).
14 You will be smashed like a piece of pottery—
    shattered so completely that
there won’t be a piece big enough
    to carry coals from a fireplace
    or a little water from the well.”

15 This is what the Sovereign Lord,
    the Holy One of Israel, says:
“Only in returning to me
    and resting in me will you be saved.  (This is such a good deal that he offers us, so why do we struggle?  Because our flesh, fallen, sin nature wrestles with the spirit of God.  We want to be our own God at times.  We want to serve our flesh at times-and it always leads to the same result.  He offers us rest in him, and he will save us.  He will defend us-and he does so through his servants, the Prophets and the Seers,  that he is faithful to warn us through- as we see from scripture. )

Especially in these last days.  Acts 2:17, ‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.

In quietness and confidence is your strength.
    But you would have none of it.
16 You said, ‘No, we will get our help from Egypt.
    They will give us swift horses for riding into battle.’
But the only swiftness you are going to see
    is the swiftness of your enemies chasing you! (Boy, if God is for you-he’s for you.  But if he is against you, not even the best from the enemy’s camp can aid or save you or lead you to victory.  It’s his way or the highway.  He is jealous of his own. He won’t sit idly by while the world, the flesh, and the devil steal us from him.  He will come in and correct us.  This reminds me of Psalm 23 where it says his rod and his staff they comfort me).

17 One of them will chase a thousand of you.
    Five of them will make all of you flee.
You will be left like a lonely flagpole on a hill
    or a tattered banner on a distant mountaintop.” (and just as it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance, it’s his goodness that allows us to suffer some consequences so that we see his ways are better.  He demonstrates it.  The Israelites needed this demonstration, and so did we.  Because we learn from all these examples that were set with the Israelites in the old testament.  If we did not have the example, how would we know.  He would have to demonstrate it on us.  He did this in his perfect wisdom. That is why it is said of the Old Testament that it is the New Testament concealed.  While the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.)  One complements the other.   Jesus fulfilled the law.  

Revelation 19:10, KJV: “And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” … 

Discern the eyes whether they be dark with great darkness or light full of glory. But not the false (snide and contemptive) glory having no power to deliver you.

I went to post what the Lord had given to me and this poem came out that is below. Below the poem will be the word God gave to me earlier.  It’s a riddle.  No one is named.  Apply it to every man and woman in ministry and beyond.  Discern church who is from your Father and who is not!  Deception is called deception because it’s just that-deceptive. It takes action to fight it.  It takes work.   Prayer, reading the word, asking for discernment.  Don’t be tossed around by every word of new doctrine or exciting prophecy, but test the spirits.  

Discern the eyes if they be light or dark, fully opened. But not the false (snide and contemptive) glory mistaken.  Discern with your heart what to your hearts I have spoken. Hear the echo from the chamber of a man, who echoes with busy-ness an evil plan, but no anointing to restore man to a righteous stand. Having a form of Godliness but denying the power. I told you all of this would happen this hour. So, stay in my word which I sent to heal you, and all of these Charlatans, not a one will fool you.

Original word:  Given 8-22-2020 at 6pm.  

One is raised in your midst who came after the former.  And you discern it not.  See with your eyes and listen with your heart to the eyes of a man, for they are the windows to his soul.  If the eyes are dark then how great the darkness?  Trust your guts on this, for out of your bellies shall flow living water.  

This one has risen and says all the right things….at all the right times….but he is not mine.  This man is a thief and impostor, the enemy’s finest deception for an hour of elevation to the false glory, as the true bride in real glory also arises and the two Kingdoms come head to head.  The false church that was prophesied for the last days rises in it’s religious spirit, and how true do her garments appear.   Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof. 

His tongue is as trained as the finest of circus animals for a fine show, yet listen with your heart and you will know the true sound of this man, echoing his evil chambers!  A crown for a fool.  For he places words and phrases in the right places, with the correct tone and emotional expression-but I tell you he is not mine.  He is a tare who has risen up to supplant the true prophets and lead you into chaos.  For the Devil loves chaos and fear, feeding on your reaction as one without hope.  

His humility is false.  He beams with joy at the deception he has initiated, and his instant fame.  He is the wolf he has warned you about, only that wolves don’t announce who they are until it is too late.    Great deception.  This man is trained life long for such a time as this.  He worships Lucifer his light bearer and not the living God.  See his Cheshire grin?  See his arrogance and feigned humility? The Lord is not fooled, but enraged.  At how quickly you gather the teachers according to your own desires and lusts and greed.  Aha!  As one caught you fit this description.    

He scrambles now to play the part perfectly.  But in the dark when no one watches, his true colors show as he worships the Prince of darkness in all manner of wickedness and lasciviousness.  He squints his eyes and charms up his face and fools you!  His pouting lips and spirit of seduction pull you in, and you watch and hang on his every word and expression. 

 He steals from the most high.  He is a phony, a fake, a fraud, a plant, a deceiver.  And oh how great the deception in this hour.  For the things he accuses others of doing-persecuting him and being carnal as a prophet-HE himself is the poster child for. 

A wicked face on a wicked man with a wicked family who fools those calloused to their flesh, who are trained to doubt their discernment and compromise the light of life or who have not known the true light all along.   Playing the part to fool you, yet he has no anointing to move you!  For he started in fear and torment of the flock, with great false humility and joy at the success of his operation.    And now is unhappy he must dance the Christian jig-as his true jig is up!  And soon he will drink the wrath of my cup, for his city will burn with fire, and he must pay back seven fold what he has taken.  For my precious gems will not be forsaken.  Fret not that this Charlatan whore succeeds for a time, for I see all things and don’t miss one thing and in the end to glory I will raise mine.  

The salvation plan is simple:  Know that you are a sinner, confess your Sins to Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach in Hebrew) and ask him to forgive you and cleanse you of your sin.  We cannot be righteous on our own.  They tried in the old testament and failed.   We needed a PERFECT sacrifice….for without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.  Jesus is our sacrificial lamb!  Ask him to fill you and guide you in your new life.  Read the Bible starting in the book of John.  Read the gospels….all the books with Jesus’ words in red.  He is our new covenant.  God bless you and let me know if you have made a decision for Christ, or for prayer requests.  -Mike M.








A strong word of warning of impending judgement, and caution as to the parable of the talents for to those this is intended for. Pray and ask if it is you. Choose wisely.

I got this word on August 13, 2020.  I had just posted a very positive word a few days earlier and I was surprised that the Father came through with this strong rebuke.  He caught me off guard.   Because as far as I knew, positive things were happening.  And I’m sure they are in the body of Christ.  Expressions of love, sacrifice and unity are out there.  And he says to think on things of good rapport so I was hoping things were going better and better.  I heard some good reports.  But I guess he knows something I don’t.  And in this rebuke I know he is targeting some very powerful people,ministries, even the wicked who are considered the elite.   I could feel him defending me with this word.  Not that HE is limited and needs person A or person B to act on my behalf or anyone’s behalf.  He can bring water from a rock and feed you by a Raven or manna if he chooses.   He is not twisting arms here-he is moving hearts.  He wants willing volunteers, not those just going through the motions.   And I also am not twisting arms or manipulating, but delivering what he gave to me.  I don’t need to use manipulation.  I never have.  I have always worked and/or had the well being of others at heart and things have always worked in my favor from the Lord.  He has been very good to provide my needs and then some in more than one situation.  

He’s not a needy God like the God’s of the Babylonians.  To act on someone’s behalf that is needy- do so would be an honor -to honor the least among us,not out of obligation but from love.  This is his purpose-to TRAIN you in his image and likeness to be LIKE him in character and deeds! Think of wealth like fire that can burn you.  Good if used correctly, but if not it can burn the whole house down!  Think of wealth as this fire.  Same effect.  It can burn down your spiritual house-no matter how big-and toss you in hell-if you love IT more than you love HIM and what he has asked you to do! 

 I made a good case in prayer about some things this day I received this word.  And  I could feel his anger as I wrote it.  He is slow to anger, but he does get there.  It’s like he just grabbed the pen and it poured out.  It’s like I was with a parent who was aggressively protecting me and I watched in awe and felt so safe yet startled at the power of the words he spoke.  

  I did not want to give this word at first, but now I see the value.  It’s mission is mercy actually.   Even his judgments are mercy if he is correcting us.  Spare the rod and spoil the child.  We are his children, like it or not.  He calls us that.   

 I wrote it down with rapt attention.  See, when we receive words from God we really FEEL them.  It’s in our spirit-our guts-our emotions.  We really CARRY the word.  That is so we can deliver it properly and in the right context in which he intended.   That’s our job as part of the five fold ministry that falls under ‘Prophets’ and/or the gift of prophecy.    Not saying I am one.  I would not want the title if it were offered me.  It’s not about titles-it’s about a God of order who is about orderly worship and the structure of his church.   

 Let’s just focus on this prophecy, shall we, not the person giving it.  Let’s focus on the Lord and HIS words.   We who deliver these words do the dirty work no one else wants to do: correct and warn.  Always really popular no doubt.  We make tons of friends everywhere we go.  Not always, but we have him on our side most of all. Never have we seen the righteous forsaken or our seed begging bread! 

 If we represent him, our words line up with his character and purpose. Not rocket science.  He still speaks today.  He laughs at the muzzle you wish for him to wear as you say prophecy is not for today when we see the unfolding of it all over the place.  And when you a la cart pick and choose which ones of the five fold ministry you like.  Same gospel, different generation.  Nothing has changed in the Holy Spirit or his ministry on the earth. Not until Jesus comes then the imperfect will be made perfect.  Check it.  Pray about it.  The gifts of the spirit will leave those afraid of them in the dust of the move coming.  

 I have wrestled with delivering this, but I am here to do it.   So, I will preface it with a caveat (warning) that it is not intended for all readers. It is very harsh and for a reason.  For some stiffed necked folks who need woken up.  It’s not meant to induce fear, unless the person who gets convicted feels fear because they know it is an awesome thing to fall into the hands of a living God.  It’s about respecting him.  Those who cry, “fear mongering” act foolishly and should think before they speak.  Fear is a choice as is anything in life. Regardless of an author’s intention, we make choices to REACT the way we react.  Don’t read this if you are already doing what he says to do or if your spirit is sensitive at this moment.  No need.  Unless you want to see what the Lord has to see.  He is perfect love-yes.  But part of love is justice.  And part of love is tough love-discipline.  So, don’t let the devil cause you to be terrified, worried, guilty if you are not convicted, and already living uprightly in this way.  Kick him to the curb and rejoice that God will say “well done good and faithful servant!”.  🙂    

 If you are giving sincerely and without expectation of remuneration (the same coming back to you from the individual)  of your time, resources, money to the poor among you (and charity begins in the house of the Lord especially.  Check the word!)  and even having someone come and live in one of your many empty bedrooms?  someone who has no where to go but has fallen on hard times, illness, or is waiting for compensation, can only work part time, etc….?  someone who has lost their business and got NO help from the government like all the overpaid unemployed workers? If that’s you…if that describes you, then read this knowing that this rebuke is not to you!   Then he has reached you already and is pleased with your charity that you do from what HE gave you to do just that-not to keep it all and make excuses as to why you could not possibly give someone money, or your time, or a place to sleep, or one of the extra vehicles you have around for your amusement.  Yes, Jesus said the poor will always be among us.  This does not mean it’s justification for you wallowing in your riches and offering the poor nothing.  Read the gospel again.  The word says how can you call yourself a Brother or Sister when you SEE your Brother or Sister in need, HAVE the ability to do something….and don’t do it!    Especially the words in red letter!  And get wisdom!  Get knowledge!  Ask for them by name.  Accept no substitutions.  

 This is not a universal word, but a word for those rapacious (greedy) in the body of Christ whose sole purpose seems to store up wealth and hoard it, following the world’s example of bigger is better, new makes you more important, financial success determines your worth and value to society,  and judges everyone else in one big haughty glance who has less, works less by necessity or does not own what you own!   

This word is to the ministries that extort and exploit the sheep, toss it on their hoarded pile with all the other gold and silver, with none of it making it to the storehouse-for use to help the orphan, widow, sick. needy, hungry among you.  For the disabled who cannot even get around.  If you are that ministry or puffed up ministry leader, then repent.  One. Big. Fat. Repent.  The word is very clear on all of this.  READ it.    And you know who you are.  Because he said his holy spirit is convicting you. And he told me not all will answer.  Many will trade their wealth, things, toys, etc…for their security.  Prestige, position, power matter more to some than the body of Christ.  Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.   They are dangerously close to being eternal tares.  They have been warned through this word.  I have given the warning as instructed so my conscience is clean.  And I do not hate them or have bitterness against them, for my eyes are on the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth-the LORD of heaven’s armies who will provide for me through work and the ministry I do. He’s not worried.  He has no emergency.  He is not alarmed.    My eyes are on the one who has all power to throw me into hell or have me enter into heaven as a good and faithful servant.  Whose judgments are just.   The complacent Babylonian’s security is in the stuff-and the money.  Not in the God who gives them the ability to gain wealth.   Let’s choose life.  

 And God corrects those whom he loves.  He sheds his grace even on them that they may change their ways and stop worshiping Mammon (money) and worship him-the author and giver of all things-the lifter of our heads and our great rescuer and provider.  He is fair and just if they would repent.  If we would repent.  But the word below is clear that the time to take it away is now.  And we see this all over. 

  If this is you and you don’t know how to change, just say that-to the Lord.  Get a cup of coffee and talk to him!  Tell him.  He already knows your thoughts afar off.  If you are one of those driven people that can’t seem to stop being so driven-and you know it’s killing you-then pray!   I was doing jobs no one else wanted to do, actually, but not the greedy part.  I was never greedy.  I just wanted to make an honest living and be with everyday people in my work history!   I did not make a lot of money ever.  But I did get my value and worth from work, which is the world’s way, not his.    He burned up that mis-guided idea in me with his Holy fire!  It was a journey in and of itself!  And now he has released me again to seek more and more work for this season.  HIS work.  Actual production work-an exchange of labor for money, or service for money, or even product for money..yes, yes and yes.  but most importantly….. HIS work-whatever he tells me to do! Because when I put HIS work before my Babylonian small potatoes online Etsy shop, he blesses the shop regardless of how much time I spend in it!  So that tells me he would rather I be ministering the gospel and staying close, keeping close, helping others, intercessory prayer, etc… 

Seasons.  He’s a God of seasons . And sharing.  And caring.  Check it.  Get to know him.  Consider all he has done for you, is doing, and will do.  And hear the warning he says to you today here.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he is not kidding.  We are already seeing the judgment.  We are in it.   To those who do not use the talents for him but ONLY for themselves and their pleasure-to these he’s going to take away-as a discipline.  To get your attention. To lead you to repentance.    Because he’s a just God and he will make examples out of you  But if you seek him and heed the things he asks of you, then he will multiply your talents that you have as you sow generously into his work and the special things he is doing in this hour of the Bride’s planning the wedding!  

You have it all and you are so successful? Do you have HIM?  His approval?  Then get with it.  You are nothing without him.  Remember that.  He can take it all away in an instant . He did it to me. And this Jonah delivered the warnings.  This Jonah (me) writing this said YES!  Praise the Lord, I heeded the call and was chosen,  repented of my independence from him.  I have been doing what he is telling me to do going on five years now.  A new me.   So now….he is adding to me because I used the talents rightly.  Some of my talents were time and labor into the body-and I used them rightly.   Because I give of the storehouse to those deserving as I can whether it be tangible or intangible. 

  You can do this the hard way or the easier way.  There are no fence sitters anymore.  The times demand a yes or a no.  Anything more than that is of the evil one.  You are either for him…or against him.  You either gather or scatter.  Otherwise if you are lukewarm, he will spew you out of his mouth.   

For those who have been wronged- who don’t give into the compromise of the world’s  love of money, but instead love the truth and stay in it, share it, and minister to others.  I was praying for the good people who put the Father first before egregious (outstandingly shocking in a bad way) profits and success-those who understand the balance of all things:  needs versus wants, Godly priorities,  and the fast that the Lord truly loves-that spending more time doing what Isaiah 58:6 says is storing up riches in heaven!  God’s Spiritual millionaires and billionaires.  And you know I mean this spiritually, right?  Firstly.  And if he so made any of us a millionaire or billionaire with money, just think the good that person could sow into the body of Christ!  I know I would big time.  I’m not the prosperity gospel.  I’m not any labels you have for me.  I’m the Lord’s gospel.  Time for you to read JESUS’ words-our Hamashiach (Savior, Christ) and see what his economy is all about.  You can merge with him or he will be the Lord of your hostile takeover.  I know this first hand.  

  New Living Translation Isaiah 58:6
“No, this is the kind of fasting I want: Free those who are wrongly imprisoned; lighten the burden of those who work for you. Let the oppressed go free, and remove the chains that bind people.

Now, I must say I am grateful for the help I received toward purchasing a vehicle.  It is set aside.  The time will come.  Our state of CA is still closed, so not much I can do at the moment.  So, I am waiting.  And praying.  And wishing I had asked for more.  It’s expensive to purchase a vehicle in Ca.  I don’t see any vans in my price range.  Hoping I sell tons of items in my Etsy shop which I have been working hard stocking!   or that God blesses again so I can get on with hitting the highway and biway with the gospel come 2021.  I would rather be on the road truth be told.   He has already put a couple ares on my heart of ministries I am to stop at and fellowship with.    We are being sent out I believe soon.    And I know the Lord said it is not yet time for a vehicle.  But soon.  First things first.  No sense having it sitting here if I can’t get the work yet.  Yes it would be handy for shopping, but I like to run a tight ship.   Common sense.  Wisdom .  Actually, I am asking for someone to just donate a van or small RV.  That’s my prayer now. Then the small amount I was given for a vehicle can stay for repairs until the business gets off it’s feet.  Not sure how i will do a business and travel in an RV but I see others doing it so I can too.  More will be revealed.   After this fall and winter I want to hit the road and work along the way.   Maybe a few weeks here and a month or two there doing odd jobs.  It will work out.  It will be easier to meet people.  I will rejoice that I am not glued to social media and the internet all day!    I am willing to give up my subsidized apartment if the Lord asks me to.   I am willing.  But I think the internet will be a necessary thing to an extent unfortunately.  I vote we disband it and start over.  lol.  Any takers?   

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Pray for me.  As I pray for the readers!  And I know he will provide the plot of land for the safe haven vision he gave me.   It’s a smaller gathering for a time.  One day we may all end up at the big safe havens-I don’t know.  But if God leads us to it-he will lead us through it.   That will come in time.  But I think people are needed to just BE out there.  Alliances will happen!   With so many so fearful of going and doing, I see believers rising up in faith to do what so many are fearful of.  The fear-that is a tool of the devil against ministering the gospel. We are commanded to Go.  I sure would like to keep a home base and keep the apartment,  so we’ll see.  Qualifying is tricky if you travel.  You have to come back after every 3 weeks, unless you can get permission in writing.  They want you working in the same state.  They have goofy rules.   There are people who ‘live’ here who don’t really even live here.  They just rent it out and live somewhere else. It’s illegal.   And they let this go on. One of the injustices I take before the Lord.   I have seen that is not equally allowed if just anyone did it, if you catch my drift. This environment is very negative and down turned.  It is not supportive.  It’s Babylon’s baby sitting prison apartments center.  I used it right when I was ill and I have no shame.   I want to be with like minded people, though.  Not petty people who are childish all the time and suspicious and not at all trusting of anyone.      I am called to MAKE an environment and work very hard as I HAVE been doing-pulling my SHARE as I can.  I don’t expect slaves.  I expect team work from all of us!   The Safe Haven small land gathering community is my calling in order to preserve walking closely with God and doing the things he has for me to do and accomplish in this hour and beyond. This stuff is coming down, folks, in the big cities-like it or not.  SO many words are get out of the big cities-eventually.   To those with an ear, let them hear. 

  If we want to live in community like that, then we have arrived.  If we do it out of obligation or with anything but a cheerful heart-the Lord will not bless it.  It’s about the unity of the Bride, not the unwilling brides maids dragging their feet, whining and complaining the whole way,  hoarding their resources and caring more about the cares of the world than they care about others and the furtherance of the gospel!  

Here is the terse and exacting word he gave to me. It’s like handling a hot coal. 

Judgement is coming!  A broad rod for the backs of these people.  They are not impressed by my mercy or my servants living among them.  My patience is righteous yet will wane-as it is written that I am slow to anger.  But I do get angry.  And I act.  For the correction of the stiff-necked Narcissist I come!  Surprise!! The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is here!! I have come to ransom my people!  Let my people GO!!  I have seen what you have done to them, how you tortured them.  You bully, and slander, and cut off at the knees those already suffering! Do you like to play God!?  Are you enjoying this power!? Not for long.  For with a shout (my interjection here-remember that sound has POWER) and a divine judgement will I judge the whole lot of you who sit idly by as the innocent are crushed!  You mock my precious ones I have chosen from before the foundation of the world?  As the apple of my eye I knew what they would do even then, so I appointed them as fishers of men.  But I will raise up a standard against you!  For I protect my own like a jealous and wronged Mother Bear.  I sent you love and blessings and you abused it and them.  You abused my Servants.  You abused me.  And yes, those will earn a greater reward of my glory for the abuse suffered at your hands.  But did you think there was no end?  And did you think I would not notice your witchcraft against my chosen ones!?  I tell you I am raising not only a standard but my fist in judgement against you.  I will crush YOU as you have crushed the spirits and souls of my chosen ones.  I will bully you!!!  For  a season the same!!  And as you cry for mercy as did my servants, so will I ignore your plea for my mercy-until the time the judgement is complete.  You will look for an escape from me but there will not be one.  You cannot hide from or trick the almighty.  I do not negotiate with you any longer.  I laugh at your camouflage.  I have fingered you as you have fingered mine!  I have oppressed you as you have oppressed mine.  I have slandered you as you have slandered mine. 

Be glad and rejoice O servants of the most high God!!!  It is good to rejoice in the fall of the unrighteous and wicked, who, without repentance, have damaged my voice.  There is a time for everything under the sun.  This is the time for war-against those who do these evils to my expression on the earth-my servants.  For it is written that a greater harvest will I bring in the last days. So I make quick work of your time consuming stumbling blocks!!  Let my people GO!!!  (very angry here-but the kind of anger where if you are cleaving to him, you feel the love and passion and purpose as to why he is to this point).  For the time of great persecution meant for any is not this time.  For those who have an ear, let them hear.   This time is a time of forming alliances, homesteads, families of God’s children for strength of unity and purpose. For without unity this revival will fail.  I will guard my church as a precious jewel at this time so that my plans will be established.  For I care for my own.  And the hour is not yet and my spirit has not yet fallen to blanket your unity with great victory and glory. But that time is coming soon.  If I have to shake up my chosen ones to do so, then so shall I stir them up. 

For many are called and few are chosen.  Be not surprised when the obedience of a new convert will assure a much greater blessing than you, though you have been faithful for years.  For I am a NOW God (he emphasizes NOW)  Did I not warn you that if you slumber, then even the forgiven prostitute, tax collector,  and the like can enter into the Kingdom before you!?  I am no respecter or favor of persons.  I use those forgiven, willing and who love others, not those who think they have achieved in me.  I can use anyone, at any time, for any purpose.  I do not consult with man.   For each person-one day at a time-is always nothing without me.    The flesh counts for nothing, but the spirit gives life.  I am your breath and life.  I am the bread of life.   Apart from me you can do nothing.  

And finally those warned with an ear to hear-who have but don’t give, who own but don’t share, who I chose as stewards of the resources, yet now stand as haughty Lords of the Manor!? To these I tell you the warning is expired.  Judgement is here.  I begin taking from you the talents that I gave.  Time is truly up for this arrogant lot.  For the only way you will repent is if I break your proud and shameless backs.  Your feet rush to financially oppress the poor, yet in the congregation of the saints you present yourself as a selfless servant, but you are not.  For I now (emphasis again) weigh you in my scales.  You are lacking.  I discipline those whom I love.  Consider it not strange when I am harsh with you, for it is mild compared to to the crushing of the poor and needy at your hands.  You have boasted of your big rooms, elegant lawns, fancy toys-all the richest of fair-as you toss crumbs at the least of these among you who are me.  I feel it.  For those in this lot who act as a leader fit for Jesus’ return, I now weigh you.  I warned I would come and take away, and I will.  Just as I can and will take a lampstand, so go with it the provisions you hide behind as a secure wall.   Your rooms will be filled with the poor and needy-the poor wanderers who need love, the righteous activist that does no violence and destruction-who represent just causes and garners great remedies!   I allowed financial judgement to come with Covid 19.  I have turned up the heat.  But do not worry, the stove and all provision are mine.  I have metered it out exactly as needed.  

The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous.   I allow now your plenty to become few, you rebellious and abusive asses.    Your lawns will scorch.  Your fund will I squeeze as a sponge for a dry and thirsty man.  To you I make an example and bring you low in order for you to truly understand what I desire, what is good and right and pleasing.  You have raised your noses at the thought of filling your vacant rooms-as if you own a museum!  So, I begin filling them.  If you heed the call, you will go with MY (emphasizing here) flow and design and not your business model!  If you repent by your actions I will honor that.  But I know few will for you have calloused your minds and hearts with the sweetest of intentions, but with very little action.  The false glory descends and is fully at your gate.  Some being romanced by it’s seductive glance are being taken over. 

 I will have an underground church.  I build it now-with you or without you.  Choose you this day-and every day-whom you will serve.  The God of the Babylonians who have no need for me, or the God of your faithful ancestors who has all power, glory and purpose?  




The House built upon the rock

Those in ministry employ all the trades of the spirit to keep the house in order: foundation (the word of God), framing (connecting people together), insulation (protection from the wolves), electrical (the power granted us by Jesus Christ for overcoming), plumbing (the cleansing and refreshing of the Spirit), heating and air (grace in action that he longs for us to be comforted and not suffer without cause), and finally the finishing touch (this is where he pours out his spirit on us. We don’t deserve it! For our destructive state he forgives us and gives us good gifts, calling us co-heirs with him! He makes life pleasant in him, the maker of all things, heaven and earth-the lifter of our heads).

Ephesians 2:10 NLT 10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. (because he knew us from the foundations-what we would each choose to do!).

All types of the temple-representations of the spiritual explained by human form for our edification and understanding. Ps. 68:6 God places the lonely in families;
he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.
But he makes the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.


Addressing similarities, concerns and discernment as to the word I received June 2 on the calendar, and the word Pastor Dana Coverstone came out with weeks later.

The long paragraph below is a response to a response and prayer for anyone affected by the palpable fear generated by this viral timeline vision word.  When I delivered my word on this, I included hope for repentance, prayer, and comfort.  When Pastor Dana Cornerstone delivered his, it was very raw and fearful, because he-by his own admission-is new to delivering the prophetic.  I found it odd when I delivered the timeline vision that I did not have details.  I sensed that there were details somewhere, but I did not have them.  Then some weeks later, Pastor Dana showed up with a LOT of details.  Gruesome, horrible, gut wrenching details.  I remember Dana saying he received this word originally in Dec. 2019 but did not deliver it.  Perhaps my delivering it in a general form inspired him to deliver it finally?  I don’t know.  I have heard nothing from him.  He might not even know I exist.   I just know that I received it and when I received it.  I know that from the warning the Lord gave to me, prayer is the best weapon:  spiritual warfare.  Also, pray against the spirit of prophetic deception. The devil is very clever, don’t you know.  He knows the word better than us.  And his time is short, so he is pulling out all the stops.  But we have the victory through the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua Hamashiach! Our soon and coming King!
This is the link to the prayer from this awesome Brother on Youtube, JesusLandTv:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDlRhW6M9-M.  If you listen to him first and pray the prayer, the rest of this post will become more clear!  Amen and Hallelujah!  God is binding us together.  Trust your discernment.  Submit to one another. 
My edifying and appreciative response to JesusLandTV below as I posted at the above link where he prayed the prayer!  🙂  All good and positive.  Nothing but love for this Brother.  
No, God has not given us a spirit of fear. Sometimes, in our weakness we may respond in fear to a warning word-and then it’s wise to seek the Lord like you have here, Brother! Great prayer! I was cracking up how you busted the forces of darkness. Amen. Hallelujah. I received a word on June 2 about a month by month timeline. I was given very few details, but a visual as to what each month looked like-particularly September. When I delivered the word which went on my website, https://prophecy243381849.wordpress.com/2020/06/02/word-from-god-on-the-culminations-irrevocable-callings-visions-of-the-months-ahead/ and it was posted at 444prophecynews.com. When I delivered it I exhorted the people to pray.
Prayer can avert many judgments. We see from Jonah’s story that repentance saved a city. God warns the church to stand in the gap. That’s our job-intercession. Taking spiritual authority over the forces of darkness. So, because of the warning we knew to pray. I am glad that Pastor Dana expounded on the word that God gave me. Perhaps that’s why I felt a block when I gave that word because, as Dana has said, Dana received the word in Dec. 2019? I was puzzled and stated so in the recounting of the vision that I did not have details but only this visual which I shared here on my website and in the best detail I could muster or felt permission to. 
Per Pastor Dana’s testimony, he said he got this word last December but did not release it til this summer, weeks after my word. Perhaps I was used to spur him on to release it? I have no idea. It’s like he is a celebrity all of a sudden which is odd to me as well. From my perspective from walking in the prophetic ministry and seeing fruit-that lasts-I can say, Pastor Dana is new to this. On the other hand, I am baffled that I am so upset after viewing him speaking on these things. When I was not afraid to begin with and I already know what’s coming because I was shown it, but with the comfort that Jesus wanted to hold me and shield me.  Only pray and repent the spirit said to me and he will move. That was the environment in which I delivered this same word.  
  So, fear is the devil’s tool. I recognized that right off that a strong spirit of fear was attached to Dana’s word. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind. And therefore I prayed. So, it kinda baffles me that Pastor Dana had originally delivered this the way he has.  He is a Pastor so?   I may have some insights as to why.   We just heard the negative in the beginning with him-no positive. As time goes on, he is changing to be more positive as he is on more and more ‘shows’. Instant celebrity. 
You have to understand that when someone receives a prophetic word, we feel the brunt of the intensity of it. It’s a powerful thing. It’s a spiritual gift and it takes time to exercise this gift. Because God almighty is filtering something through fallible human flesh and we can get in the way-muddy the waters. This can be because-by Pastor Dana’s own admission-he is new to this. I know I did not do everything perfectly when I first started recounting, passing on the prophetic words and warnings God gave to me years ago.    Others helped me along the way and corrected me.  Because, after all the spirit of the prophet is subject to the control of the prophet.  I’m not saying I am a prophet, but it fits for any prophetic gifting and utterance:  submission one to another.  It’s the whole of God’s spiritual family structure and structure of the church to do so. 
 It’s not an easy job. So, conscientiously, Pastor Dana needs to deliver hope with the warning. He appears to be going in this direction, but still my spirit is unsettled for a reason I cannot explain.   It makes me wonder. When I delivered my timeline vision on June 2, I gave love and hope with it, expressed the warning to pray. We’ve all been praying anyway realizing things are evil and it’s through prayer, repentance, and spiritual warfare that we will win against the enemy.
Judgment begins in the house of the Lord. I will begin posting the words I get to youtube so that a wider audience will receive them.   I had thought God wanted me outside the public eye.  So, it will not be my face so that the AI Beast system can use it against me-duh church.  I will post them as soon as I get them unless otherwise shown by the holy spirit to not do so.

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Prophetic word to Believe for land to be an Oasis to the poor wanderer.

The Lord has put into my heart the desire and vision of being a land steward.  I envision several families living on the same property for community, fellowship, community garden, helping one another, protection, a place of refuge and healing.    It can be rural or outside a small city. 

My heart’s cry is a place of refuge and family for those who need it.  I’m one of those.  I know I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being home alone 99% of the time, working from home with no one else around.  If I have to work from home, I want to have some people to fellowship with and talk to throughout the day, to share.  It’s the way it’s supposed to be.  And it’s the way around all these restrictions is to have neighbors you really want to have. 

 Many hands make the work light.  It’s more efficient to live in groups. That’s one of the benefits of family life the Lord made.  I was home for about 7 years before the CV ever hit, so this is nothing new.   It was a season and stretch in which the Lord taught me he alone is enough at the time.  And I learned to love my own company.   

It was actually a comfort when others had to stay home with the CV.  Not to sound cruel, but In a weird way, I did not feel alone at first when the virus hit.  There was this universal solidarity against the invading force-the virus.   All these other people were home alone now, too.  The irony was I had decided in February that this is the year that I break out into a more outward life somehow.  But the more I tried that the more doors closed.  I did not understand why?  maybe because I am not to stay in CA?  maybe because my season of isolation is not quite over but coming to a close?  That’s when the desire-or should I say fire-in my belly happened to be a leader over a small homestead Oasis.     

 99% of any neighbors I have will not give me the time of day.  So much for being around like-minded people.  If my political view is different….or if even something is heard out of my window by a neighbor, the whole neighborhood will know!  Different beliefs are contraband in my neighborhood.  I am dealing with an environment of trigger-motivated people just looking for the morsel of opposition to fall off of my plate onto the ground so they can say, “aha! Trump supporter!  Racist!” or some other varying judgement they have decreed by their hive mindedness.   And when I offer support or truth it is rejected.  I don’t belong here.   The inner cities are now just for a place of outreach and not to abide. 

It’s the area I live in in the city.  God put me in subsidized housing when I fell ill in 2010.  It came just when I needed it.  I had prayed if you want me here in San Diego, then open a door, then TEN days later, the letter of acceptance appeared!   I used this stepping stone right!  I went to school, I started a ministry, I interceded for this neighborhood for years.  I worked as much as I could.  I did years of therapy and reparative healing for complex PTSD and other letters they give you when you are down.   But now when my good I do is eliciting an evil reply or response in this neighborhood, then I know it’s time to move on.  It’s just not healthy.  Hey, I turned down the Social Security disability in the 90’s-because I had a dream to get better!  And I did over years and years as I worked.  I was homeless in between that time for a brief period, I went from loving family to loving family helping me because they could see I was working, fighting, overcoming.   I was honored, blessed and provided for because I was doing the best that I could.  And a pretty good job, I might add.  I also did 7 years of therapy and repair while living here.  I humbled myself and was taken apart as the many traumas from childhood and beyond were healed.   I was told by several Dr’s to become a therapist because of my insights and unique experience.    And I was encouraged to write a book.  One even asked me to go on a speaking tour, but I was under contract as a care giver at the time.  Some are sicker than others.  And that’s ok.  If we will do the work and stay the course, there is victory in Jesus.  It may take a bit of work, but there are rewards along the way, and it blossoms more and more into emotional, spiritual, and psychological freedom!   Just as Jesus used different modalities for healing the same is true of today.  For example, Luke was a Doctor.   What I did may have come through modern medicine, but it worked with God’s help!  I am getting better all the time.  I confess it, believe it and act in opposition to whatever illness tells me is fact.  I am calling things that are not as though they are. 

 God said he would move me out of here-it was a prophecy he gave to me in 2013- and I know when the time is right, he will.  I have no doubt about that.   But because I don’t live the usual Babylonian life-he has called me to otherwise-then there has to be somewhere to move me TO.  And that’s where my next duty station takes me:  a plot of land, a vision, and the blessing of God and others!  He said that if I took care of his business in ministry, he would take care of mine.  And he is a God of his word.  I have done this and watched provisions happen.  Now only if the world would open back up, but I’m not sure things will every be in favor of selling again at the flea market.   Just as things were going well, CA closed again!  Not sure what business to do at this point, but I continue with the online selling and the ministry.  And now it seems writing is what I’m to dive into next.   *(We all have to shop at the big corp stores because the virus only attacks flea markets and small Mom and Pop shops, right?  And Hair Salons,etc…)

 I have seen slow and steady increase in the small potatoes life and business I have, so I know I’m on the right track, and that when more avails itself, that I will be a good steward of that also.  I asked him four years ago to establish the work of my hands as he was stripping the side jobs away. And that’s when I dove into ministry.  And he says a workman is worthy of his/her wage, so I continue to do his business and he will continue to take care of mine.  But I still have my heart set on a prosperous business to do.  I know one will avail itself if I keep on going.  Balance.  But his business is most important.  My inner workaholic would love to accomplish what the world considers great things, but his economy is different.  

 I now knew with the CV others were experiencing what I had for years. But that connection is passing of being satisfied that I’m not so different.  The ministry I do does require me to be alone with the Lord as well as the online business does-for now. But I can see people running around as I work in my online shop!   And he has called me to write.  Given me several book concepts to edify the body.  Yet, I feel so uninspired to do so.  Hey, I’m an extrovert living an introvert’s life.  It’s no wonder I have not imploded!  Extroverts are energized by people.  And I have next to none for many years more and more as I delivered the prophetic.  So, I think this intentional community will have a strong prophetic presence-like minded people.  Iron sharpens iron.  It will be the fulfillment of a long held vision and desire from the Lord.  It will be the new season when his glory is landing and empowering us for the end times harvest.  For now many of us have been in a refining of fire with the isolation.  I know I have passed this test, because of the changes I see and others have seen in me.  And the effectiveness I have had during this dry time is evident.  A lot of fruit.  Everywhere I look.  

 The dividing lines are drawn ever more clearly between right and wrong.  Because of the stands that I take, I have little support in the area in which I live and spend this 99% of my time.  Yes, the Lord is there for me and I walk with him, but he also gave to me the desire to be set into a family as well as to run a small community on one property. Seven years is a long time. 

I have had this vision since 1986.  I stand with all safe haven visions and have supported them because I know there have to be more called to be in that life style than just me.  Acts 2 tells us “and they were all together in one place having everything in common….and if any lacked….those who had gave to those in need”.  Provided everyone is pulling their weight. But there are times we all go through times where ministry to us is more important than the cares of the world.   Just as the Lord showed us that he carries us (the Footprints in the sand), so also we are to love the church in the same way and carry one another’s burdens through sickness, injury, persecution.   Because of this, the story was recounted to us in Acts 2.  It is this sort of structure that is the safety net of love for all of us whenever we fall ill, are going through a rough season, need support….and accountability.  Now treacherous is any agreement with Babylon becoming. God is fashioning an alternative for those destined to be there.  Not everyone can abide the severe perils of Babylon in what is coming.  I think I could, but I also sense I am needed elsewhere.  Good to know I could in case I have to do a recon mission!  

A small land settlement can have all of that.  It takes wisdom to run it.  I believe I have been prepared to do this for such a time as this.  Anything I don’t know the Lord will provide in the people that come there to live  or pass through there.  If God can bring water from tapping a rock, then he certainly can get us through somewhere he has called us.  I have that deposit of faith for the desert.  I always have.  It’s the most odd thing, but there has always been this connection. this great expectation and great faith surrounding living there or visiting there. 

  He sets the lonely into families.  I have always had the gift of hospitality and hosted people.   With my management experience working with people to include managing a room rental house-these are just some of the skills God has given me toward this end.   I have 330 hours of training in Event management and design.  I have real world experience with events and managing resources, supply.  I have been trained in thrift expert level.  The woman I worked for 14 years taught me a lot about farm life in the high desert, and home economics.  I am also very street smart.  I have psyop training.  I know what God is doing with me:  he is using me to hide others for a time and times.  An Oasis.  This would be HIS Oasis. 

I watched at least a few hundred hours of survival shows.  I am military trained, marksman level, expert grenade. 22/22 on the common skills testing.  I have many talents.  I don’t know it all, but I believe, and am intelligent and would have the God of the universe on my side so I know all things are possible. It would not be the first miracle I have encountered, or divine providence.  :). 

 I also have a good working knowledge of counseling, healing, restoration.  I operate in word of knowledge and wisdom.  He sometimes uses me with what some call personal prophecy.  I think it’s more word of knowledge to edify the individual. 

 I believe it is very important to have a place of refuge for the poor wanderer.  We are going into a time when God is sending the prophets out to go across the country into the highways and byways.  There is no avoiding many being called to go.  And still others are called to do online.  I know for me, It can be both.  I am willing to go.  I avail myself.  I don’t know what that entails but when the time comes, it will be very clear I know. 

It is no secret that so many of us suffer with isolation.  It is not God’s plan for all to remain in this.  I believe it is my calling to be responsible for a piece of land and the people that live on it.  Just yesterday, on the antenna television I have, the old show Bonanza came on.  There was a water shortage, so Mr. Cartwright said the people could come live on his land-called the Ponderosa.  They were welcome on his land.  God was mentioned in the show and his will.  It was very edifying.  It was hopeful and glorious the Christian principles throughout!  I sure wish we had tv like that still.  I wish it was commonplace like it was 50-60 years ago. And because it’s not commonplace, all the more reason, we like-minded individuals will come into living with like-minded people for our survival.  Many are happy with just having a wife or husband-even a pet.  I’m not.  I can be content in such a state, and would not mind both actually…lol… but I know it’s not what I am solely called to do.  I have skills and vision that transcend the simple structures and see an ever increasing picture for survival in the times ahead.  Because scripture says it will continue to wax worse, and we will continue to rise to glory.  Having a small Christian community is the answer for support for so many in a sin-sick world where wrong is right, right is wrong and mental illness and derangement rise yet call themselves normal.  

So, this is an appeal for provisions for the body of Christ to have some plot of land somewhere.  The Lord had put the desert southwest into my heart for this.  Recently Central West to North West Arizona has been put on my heart.  As has  New Mexico previously.  And every time I think of how challenging desert life can be, he reminds me of things like him being a river in the desert, and how the ravens fed the prophet.  Or how aquifers can spring up.  He can cause food to come right to us.   He can meet our need in a sun-scorched land.  I have spent a couple months house sitting in the high desert of CA.  I worked for that family on and off for 14 years.  I always listened to what they had to say about the desert-and it was a lot.  Plus, I knew a Native American they introduced me to who taught me many things. The desert was always special to me-a place of peace and light.  So, that is where I am believing God to give me land so I can do what is in my heart to do.  Please agree with me in prayer for the fulfilling of this vision.  If love builds the house, then the people will be fulfilled.  

I covet your prayers on this subject because i know things are heating up against us Christians.  I know what I am called to do.  If you are a like minded person on this subject who has the same vision, and the areas I mentioned appeal to your spirit, then I ask you to email me and share your story. Or we can speak on the phone or Zoom.  I want to network now with others who share this vision.  I want to build a community who want to be together and dwell in unity, and overcome all the challenges associated with that.  A community set apart in worship, prayer, ministry to the poor wanderer who passes through.  A watering hole.  A rest stop.  A pit stop.  To support the body of Christ and those sent ones.  I have always put myself in the others person’s shoes just like Scout from To kill a mockingbird did.  That’s where I learned it.  

Maybe you know of someone with land that is not being used-just sitting there collecting dust  ( a little humor)?  For such a time as this, I pray these benefactors rise and see the value in end times sowing of seed!  I pray God will move on their hearts toward something very special he is doing.  In Jesus name of Nazareth.  Our Yeshuah Hamashiach!  Our soon coming King!  





Restricted Access and Compassion….July 30, 2020

I wanted to get into the freezer to get some food out.  This big burly guy would not let me.  He was quick and powerful.  No way I could over power him, I thought.  He slammed the door with a crazed look in his eyes.  He was very resolute.   He had a dark and ominous disposition.  Not in the light, but with a specific purpose to block access.   He was violently determined that access be denied.  The Lord gave me the word Rapacious, aggressively greedy.  He grabbed me around the neck when I tried again to get into the freezer,  so I left.  

Scene changes to a bunch of guys living together.  Same dream.  Same house with the fridge.   One was addicted to drugs and a thief, but I did not know that at first.   I lived there I suppose.  Someone else told me of his addiction and thievery and condemned me for not noticing. And condemned me for not condemning him.   What?  I can’t be kind to someone?, I thought to myself.  I should deny this man love?  I had been pretty much street smart in my life.  I did not think I was any better than this drug addict/thief.  I was just forgiven.   And I was not afraid or threatened, but cautious.   Jesus does not change people into freaks, but changes our freaky ways into his ways and image.  I’ll be ok, I thought to myself while standing before this accusing man who lived in the house.  This represents how one part of the church wants to love the world’s unlovables, while there will be those that are self-righteous who don’t want to extend love to those struggling in the grasp of sin.    It can also serve as a warning of discernment and boundaries with those suffering from addiction and who steal.   And the biblical protocals to be kind and give food but be very cautious.  Will believers steal from one another?  People do surprising things when hunger and need present themselves. Fight or flight.   Head on a swivel.  Hand on the swords (word of God and common sense physical protection.)  

There was a lot of confusion and strife in the house.  (house represents the Church).  Who was the guy who would not let me in the fridge when I was hungry?  Is he symbolic of the church not being there for one another in the upcoming famine?  or represents also the strongman:  the word; the systems of Babylon denying us access? supply lines affected by rioting?  calamities?  floods?  harvests not harvested?  hoarding increasing among the masses? 

We have received so many words about the famines coming.  Just what will we do in these situations.  Will we share our food and believe in the God of multiplication who showed us with the loaves and fishes?  Will we win them in by our love or being self-sacrificial and so be honored by a limitless God who will surely be motivated by our obedience and compassion and miraculously provide?  Will we welcome people struggling with sin?  are our ways strong enough to lead such a one from the grips of addiction and sinful behavior, especially if they avail themselves to repentance and ministry?   or will we want to feel safe and think with carnal eyes and turn him out on the street?  Surely disgruntled and hungry, he will return with seven more!   was Jesus afraid of the multitudes?  No.  He always escaped until he laid down his life willingly.  Are we truly the hands and feet of Jesus or are we just religious, neutered clones of the Babylonian system’s washed out and washed up Religious institutions replete with a gold washed and feathered time card for good behavior?  All of these works stand as a clanging cymbal to the ears of the Lord.  He will bless love and compassion, but a critical and fault finding spirit he will correct. Hallelujah, Lord, come in power now as we need you in this election season and for the provisions of your saints.  Bind us together.   Read the book of Acts and do it.  

God weeps July 29, 2020

God was showing me his heart.  In the dream, I closed my eyes.  I felt for a minute the depth and width and breadth of the utter sadness and sense of urgency God felt for a dying generation.  It all flashed very quickly but I was able to get all of what he was conveying to me.  It’s like I just knew. I knew what all of the people were thinking that they had God in one part of their life and that is all that was needed.   A sin-sick generation is right in their own self-righteous eyes, yet is dying a slow eternal death.  Unless they repent and allow the God of love to enter in, they will come up short, for he is a holy God.  And Jesus is the perfect sacrifice, his Son, who restores us to right fellowship with the Father.  Like Father, like Son.   If you have seen the Son, then you have seen the Father.  Jesus intercedes for us on our behalf day and night.  For God is a holy and truly awesome God who cannot abide Sin.  

Jesus’ word to the Native Americans…July 4, 2020

Jesus impressed upon me his great love for the Native American peoples.  He loves them….a LOT.  And he will repay for what has been taken.  No deed against them has gone unnoticed. The blood cries out.  The broken promises, the lies, and the injustice have been accounted, just as it is for any of all people.  My heart flooded over with love for this people as Jesus spoke to my spirit/heart about them.  (I lost the original recounting of what he said, but the content is definitely contained in what I have written here).   I always had great love and respect for this people.    I have been welcomed in their pow wows and given names of honor.  I have worshiped at a first nations conference and given words to share with the Native American Christians in attendance.  My spirit calls unto their spirit. Deep calls unto deep. My Father is from the oldest city in Italy.  Perhaps this is the connection?  That I have in me the same DNA for/as an indigenous people?  Sovereignty of land and purpose is something very important to the Lord, as we see with the people of Israel.  

I could feel that Jesus, Yeshua, could feel their every hurt, betrayal-the theft of their land and their ways.   For to who did the best that they knew, God sent out his spirit to them and accounted it unto them as righteousness for his name’s sake when they had not heard if him.  The Lord is a spirit and he sent forth his spirit unto them each before their death because he is a just and fair God.  And what he established, no man can lay assunder, Jesus says.  And he is calling them/you now!  To know him-the one true great spirit, apart from all religions of Catholicism and denominations, but to know him and walk with him in the cool of the day on the land that he created-you his best masterpiece.  Call on him and he will show you great and wonderful things.  He can change the unseen without you seeing.  You will rise with him in his glory as it was intended.  You are the closest to the earth and it’s beauties and gifts.  These teachings passed down are to be honored, for in it you will find Jesus’ truth seeded for he is always influencing.  He can and will continue to speak to you in this way, because he is God.  The earth and the fullness thereof are his creation and he can do what he wants with them.  Jesus is free to get out of the box of religion and the confinement of buildings and societal structures.  He is a free agent.  He is free range.   Amen.  Hallelujah!  His highest praise and honor.  

Love Note To the Persecuted Church…July 24, 2020

Love note to the persecuted Church and lovers of good.  

Jesus says very bad things are coming.  We must stay under the shadow of his wings.  Abide.   Jesus takes over here:   I am your fortress (Later he gave to me Psalms 63 and Psalms 64). I guard your gates.  (of our hearts and elsewhere).  I keep you safe from harm for this hour.  To he/she who has an ear, let them hear.  

To you bruised and battered ones.  I felt every blow.  You have shared in my suffering.  You will also share in my glory.   And yet, I have never left you.  I raise a standard against the invading forces when & where I see fit.  My ways are much higher.  

Called, chosen, and destined are the intended readers with an ear to hear.  I provide rest for the weary.  And then there are appointed times as I was appointed.  But look to me.  Don’t look in their eyes.  I will give to you the words to speak as you stand before them.  I will rise with healing in my wings and so scoop you from the jaws of death.  The first and the second as I see fit.  I will show my glory to your abusers, and thereby some of them be saved.  Only open your mouth to speak.