The prince of the airwaves, Eph. 2:2 KJV

January 6, 2019. 

During prayer and worship this morning (3 am but my morning, anyway.  And this does not mean I am a child of darkness because I am up at night and sleep in the day!  Ridiculous.  What determines a child of the light is the condition of the heart)

God grabbed me as he does and I get an urgent message bit that he wants to say.  This morning’s I must admit is short but powerful.  Just like Satan!  Our adversary.  Who has asked for permission to sift us as wheat!  Now, in the last days scripture does say he was given power to make war with the Saints.  (Rev. 13:7).  This is definitely ramping up and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are preparing us for this. 

Highlighted to me in prayer today was the area of electronic media.  Now, we know there are true counterfeits galore all over the place online (and not to be confused with weak or ill-informed members who need correction and teaching in gentleness).  There are people who set out to deceive.  This message is about them, but more importantly, Jesus is saying to me that the spiritual forces in high places (demons, fallen angels and all manner of creepy crawlers in that camp) are now heading in to do some diabolical things to us. 

We have known for awhile about the algorithms targeting us, like with what happened with Facebook and the election.  We see censorship with online video streaming platforms, etc….on and on people are experiencing these things and documenting it.  This is one level of the attack.  It is a binary system set up by humans.  However, what Jesus is saying to me today in prayer is that actual direct, demonic attacks WILL take place between the elect online, especially those gifted in prophecy and dreams, for these often contain the ‘marching orders’ for the saints.  For God does nothing without first revealing his plans to his servants, the prophets. 

Here is what Jesus said.  I had trouble focusing today, but the important thing is we are getting this message.  He wants this said.  Here is his message.  Ask him what it means for you.  I can discern what it means for me.  He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches.  And we wanna be the church of Philadelphia!  And the journey for me is still unfolding and he definitely has me on the installment plan.  I don’t know what the jelly of the month flavor is til I get it lately!  And he wants it that way for a reason with me (keeps me coming back, looking to him, and not being puffed up since he is giving me these powerful words.  I get plenty of time on the bench.  And sometimes he lets me play and makes some great passes, even touchdowns!). 

“You will need to be together soon.  Acts 4:32-37 (Early church model) (emphasis he is saying on the prophetic-the people receiving the prophetic need support, and so many suffer in loneliness and want, when they do so much for the body.  Of this group, he wants to bring us together into more communal living.  This is what it boils down to.  There is strength in numbers for this crowd.  And I have communal living experience.  So, I know what he is saying.  And nothing makes for a more lovely time than rooms with doors!  So that we have our privacy, too!  Ok, did not want to scare you off thinking we all live in one big room or   …ok, back to Jesus, ….”for soon attacks will come on the unity of your gatherings -even greater than the attacks now.  Our enemy  Satan will soon be given authority to make (full) war with the saints.  Do you understand it now?  It is simple-join a family- in person.  Your electronic media will be compromised diabolically.  You are in a war.  Do not be surprised for this is what warriors do.  They become less concerned for the things of this world and more interested in the mission.” (end Jesus)  Remember Jesus said in Matthew 10: 29-30, “yes”, Jesus replied, “and I assure you that everyone who has given up house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or property, for my sake and for the good news will receive now in return a hundred times as many houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, and property along with persecution.  And in the world to come will have eternal life”.  (Jesus still) “For when you are in person, it will be much harder for the enemy to deceive via the air waves.  He is the prince and power of the AIR (EPH. 2:2 KJV)  He is referring to ONLINE, for it is easier for the enemy to get us on there since people can hide behind fake names, faces, etc….and we can discern spirits and things don’t match at all?  He said this is because of two reasons.  1. great deception and attack demonically through the airwaves and 2. because many are not who they say they are but actually poser plants who are in our midst only to destroy our unity, our witness, spies. They are not of our Father, but from the other side, the other team.  Their motive is to destroy, kill, mame, injure misrepresent.   And we are not talking about abiding other believer’s character flaws as we trudge the road of happy destiny together, occasionally offending others along the way.   (As I know I apologize when I have offended along the way. Yet it’s up to the offended to forgive just as the Father has forgiven them. )   No, this has to do with people evil from the outset, not someone who makes a mistake, got into the flesh, said some things they should not have-none of that!  And he has told us to stop bickering and  attacking one another in previous words he gave me, lest we destroy each other!  What body attacks itself.  Well, mine since I have an autoimmune, but that’s different.  Just as I want healing for my mortal body, I want healing for the body of Christ.   If you have not read the other words on this site, you should do so.  He is speaking. He says a lot. So do I! 

He has chosen me for focus on unity in the body.  This is an OLD calling from back in the 1980’s!  I have nurtured it since then.  There is a lot of spiritual maturity behind it for this subject.  But don’t worry, I have plenty of faults because I am still in the sanctification process.  You can add me to your prayer list, for I, too, am human having a spiritual experience just as we all are!     This is not about me-it’s about him.  I am just the vessel.  He could have used a donkey but the donkey was booked! And of course all the superior thoroughbreds were busy as well with better spiritual things that sound really holy but don’t have much power.  But they sure do look good when they perform!    Am I getting through to you?  ok….onward….the blood will not be on my hands.  I have delivered the words on this subject, but he is bringing to a close discussing this issue for now).  He has not much more to say since so few are putting this into practice in the prophetic camp. 

Eph. 2:2 “You used to live in sin, just like the rest of the world, obeying the devil , the commander of the powers in the unseen world.  He is the spirit at work, in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God”. 

Finally, “I am allowing attacks online so as to position you into my perfect will of meeting in person” < Reader’s digest condensed version of this message.  For eventually we will be in these locations physically together.  Until then, we would be good to do as Eph. 6 says and war and battle on our knees against the forces of darkness that seek the opposite of spiritual unity. 

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen! 

God Bless you! 




Marching orders

I have been pressing into the Lord recently.  Cleared up some fallow ground, increased fellowship and warfare and got the boldness back and am overcoming by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. 

What God is having us focus on now is less about individualism and more about team.  There is no I in team.  It’s about all of us in the body, as a body, as the unit. 

Scripture is loaded with military references for living the Christian lifeIn particular now, the spirit is calling (up) his leaders, his cadre, his staff.  Thinking as a unit and being a unit will require growth on the part of those called.  We MUST submit one to another, the Father impressing on me.  After listening to Sister Bette’s word from A Servant’s Heart on youtube for Jan. 1, 2019, it sparked the gift in me last night, as I fell asleep in a sweet peace, even though I heard scary situations being discussed, there was no fear, but observance in confidence.  Yes!  I want that secret place under his wings more often!  This is because the anointing is on ME to be as a Hezekiah, a King and a Priest and a leader of a tribe of praise! I was given this calling at the Potter’s house in southern Ohio back in the mid 1990’s.  It was clear to me that it was an “If I walk it out” word. That was a powerful time with that ministry.  Only time I ever felt something physically shift in my spirit. And that was before I even arrived there!  (they had been praying for weeks before!).    Time to take more steps to walk into it!  And I am in the company of Elijah’s and Debras and others walking into their callings!  And how exciting.  And I sense the Father saying don’t look at the limitations but at him.  Do our best and he is merciful where we lack be in physically challenged or whatever.  ALL things are possible.  Just add belief.  And we have a hall pass to do so!!  He’s so good to us to even be as a spiritual convenience food!  We are still in that age of grace and we are going to need that learning curve as we aspire to walk worthy of this message and calling. 

We the prophetic are charged with (given the responsibility to do)- and as we are already learning -to submit one to another, for as scripture says, “the spirit of the prophet is subject to the control of the prophets”.  It’s about humility.  Not whose right or wrong, or who got the word, got it first and all of that.  But that we arrive in unity of the spirit and love one another.  Iron sharpens iron.  His wings of iron now cover us.  He gives his best equipment to his most proficient warriors.   

He wants us to rise above that thinking (the world’s structure of management and overseeing) to HIS.  He is doing something very special among we the prophetic right now.  Don’t miss it!  It is imminent and it is training!  We have to show up for training and do our part.  As for me and my house, I humbly submit.  I don’t have all the answers, but I am part of orderly worship. I will suit up, show up and learn, and do things I have not wanted to do, especially exiting the comfort zone). I will stir up the gift or have it stirred!  lol    I will be bold in speaking what he gives me.  I will be honest with other watchmen and women on the wall.  That’s my commitment today. For if one can put a thousand to flight, and two can put ten thousand, imagine what a whole tribe can do! We can put a million to flight perhaps?  And from the sounds of it, we are going to be up against some formidable foes.  But, fret not.  God.  Just three simple letters.  He’s equipped us.  It’s kind of like those super hero movies.  We are going to see elevated gifts and abilities.  Did he not say, “Greater things will you do”?  Yes, he did say that.  Let’s worship the giver not the gift, but use the gifts as secret weapons when we need to.  Simply put, people, he needs to raise up some elite squads to be on the ready.  I hope I make the cut. 

 Unity of purpose is the very essence of who God is in three parts:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  And Jesus’ prayer was “Father make them one as you and I are one”.  That’s job one.  Simple but not easy.  It takes a team.   Let’s not miss it. But let’s step it up I am hearing.  Thanks, Bette for receiving your latest word from the Father and being on the front lines obediently to answer the call, standing in the gap and proclaiming obediently what he gives you

 And the Father gave me something this morning that was inspired from Bette’s word, and adds to it and the concept of what the Father is doing and saying.  It was brewing for days and now I understand it because it ties into what her word was. (not to mention another word I got which I will share about heightened awareness and understanding, spirit of power.  I think it ties directly into being specially equipped as this ‘force on the ready’ coming soon and needed.)

Here is what flowed out of me with little thought of my own-just like a river. 

We in this tribe are of the clam who are the spokespersons who will be protected for a time, times, and half a time.  Bold as a Lion will we go.  I, the Lord, have put some of my weakest (what the world thinks as weak) in front (first to fight, front lines reference) so that my power be seen through them.  It’s not about who I use, but about me, declares the Lord.  I am!  My ways are better.  I will prove it now so that the Judgment written against Lucifer will be complete.  My people will serve me and overcome.  I will have a bride. 

You will marvel at my provision and safety as you obey the call to Go!  Go!  Go!.  You will have no doubt that you are the apple of my eye and that I have called you for great exploits.  I do nothing without first revealing it to my servant’s, the prophets.  If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?  You are my foundation for the end times. 

All I have shown you will come, but fear not.  Love conquers all.  (I sense his heart not to fear death, pestilence, situations, lack, physical limitations,  but rest in him, knowing that not only is he going to keep his spokespersons alive, he will give divine power and strength, and providence when needed.  This is physically speaking.  He wants to reiterate this.  There is no perfect time because he is and we are not, so I think as for me, I will LET him! We have all improved, but he picks up where our lack leaves off!   He no longer wants us to have the attitude to wait until this or wait until that, but the time is NOW I am getting. As if like a light switch-just do it-flip it.  Even if we do  perish, it’s all love.  The whole transition will be covered in love if we abide in him.    And it will be easier when we have more unity in the body-which he is bringing he said!  THEN, I am getting we will start to RUN, it will be the fast track.  We have been praying come quickly and he is trying to bring this to fruition.   And he is holding us accountable to this now!  Times up on that one). 

He goes on to say, “I will quicken your mortal bodies for the task at hand.  Do what is in front of you.  Don’t ask questions, but obey.  When it is imminent.  I have told you that you are to move as a unit.  Is it a coincidence, you think, that I have knit you together for this time?  No!  It is by divine design as you were chosen before the foundations of the world!  So walk in your destiny!  Use your sword in the spirit realm now at all times!  You have been activated, called up!  A soldier loses interest in the cares of the world.  (and I get a sense from the Father that we are not to worry about provisions or our needs if we are acting in great faith, for we will have great rewards.  If we obey, then he is faithful.  It’s impossible to please God without faith.  I think I have some mustard seeds in the cupboard!  That’s all-it’s just the act of the will to trust and he does the rest anyway, so why do we worry?  The intimation is it’s ok to prepare, but also trust that if I am separated from those provisions, he is Lord over that lack.  It is not a dereliction of duty to be a victim even after trying our best, for he sees all and knows all.  It’s the world’s ways which we are in but not of, yet they still wear us down.  This wearing down will become less as we band together.    Never have we seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread!  He will provide, just rest in him (which I observe is opposite of the self-sufficiency the world drills into us our whole lives).  Ok, back to the word….He says, …”I have called you to this (soldiering).  No more talk only!  Action!  Now get into place.  Go where I send you.  I am opening shelter now for the poor wanderer.  Stoke (the fires of) your faith.  Declare your need and in my name I will fulfill my end.  I am a good General.  I take care of my soldiers.  I will never leave you.  No, I will never leave you!  I will in NO way LEAVE YOU!!!


Correcting another believer Matthew 18:15-17; 18: 18-20.

I am releasing this message unedited and in it’s entirety.  It bears some repeating which is not too severe.  I have been at it for hours and it is very therapeutic, but I fear losing the content so I will publish for now and come back and edit later-maybe.  :). 

These past few months have been so good in so many ways, and then there have been a few things happen that I am sure I had a part in, but how they ended up a complete mess, I thought needed to be addressed for both sides of the issue.    I’m sure I am the only one who has less than perfect experiences with other believers online.  I’m sure I am the only one who has ever offended someone else online in some kind of group or another.   And of course I am the only one who has ever been offended.   So this message is a waste of time, right?  Wrong.  lol.  God put it on my heart, has convicted me of my part, and this all needs to come to the surface and be dealt with.  Like the saying goes, it takes two to tango.  And to those who have an ear to hear, hear what he is saying to the churches.  Except for the church of Philadelphia, you guys get a hall pass because by your very name and nature, you are doing it right and we can all learn from you!  So lend a hand, Philly! 

 The way people carry on, one would think that it is true- I am the only one.    But you and I know I am not.  We all encounter  unresolved conflict.  We have all offended and been offended.  It’s how we handle it which is determining how much we truly love each other and whether we are sinning further in our stubbornness or resentment of such.  It will determine whether we are abiding with God or going astray.    God’s word does not lie.  But I think people don’t see the internet as being real, or mattering, so they reason this does not apply online….or to them.  They can just block or unfriend and it won’t count.  I mean, it’s not like they are in person or anything, right?  Wrong.  We are not to carry on like the world and be Christians in name only, like we are some sit-com, and detach from it all.  The body is connected-we can’t just detach. The eye cannot say to the head, I don’t need you, because it would be just floating around with no where to be connected to.  Same with the church.  Same concept.   

 We  run away and nurse our  little offense not realizing that little offenses become the nasty little bitter foxes that spoil the spiritual  vine, and thereby many become defiled.  Defiled does not sound like anything I want to become….first sign of that and I want help for sure.  I am sure you can agree with the word of God?  I know I can!  That’s why I am being obedient in writing this.  I need to hear it just as much as it needs to be heard. 

    Remember, we are all connected, for he is the vine and we are the branches.  So, what happens to one part of the body affects the whole.   So, the longer we let things fester, the worse it becomes and the more poison that is released into the vine, or the body of Christ.  Face it, we are sick and need a Doctor!   Would any of us knowingly allow poison in our own body?  No.  Then why are we allowing it in the body of Christ through unforgiveness, slander, pursuing each other with hatred, and holding resentments?    When roots of bitterness spring up, many can become defiled.  I have seen this in me.  I felt bitterness that the person I sought to make amends to would not hear it at all!  Not only did the person not hear it, the individual did direct damage to me which was obviously some kind of vindictive retaliation  (I have proof).  And then the individual went  on their merry way acting like they are an upstanding ministry leader!  This is not right. For before we bring our gift to the altar we are to first go to our brother and make peace. Others began to be affected being around me who have a spiritual connection with me. 

 This hurt my heart terribly to be treated with such disdain and to be outright attacked passive-aggressively, and to see all the people who got poisoned. And the pain turns to cranky for sure.   So, I offended someone (but I don’t know how even-I can only guess-the individual will not say!), and then the individual decided to offend me (rather vindictively, obviously for all to see, which I can only interpret as pursuing me with hatred).  (and no response from the individual try after try-online messages, phone calls, etc…makes me wonder if this person is not even a Christian but some saboteur sent in?  I mean, it’s so irrational, baffling.  They pretty much preach they are perfect and yet this and others keep posting their teachings yet they remain unrepentant).    I started off blessing the individual who did me wrong but then the more I was around the ‘watering hole’ the more I saw the effect of what the individual has done and the resentment started to creep in as the individual was obviously in the victim mode and stuck and enjoying and nursing the injury- (as I too was now doing but in reverse!) even though irreparable damage was done to ME by the individual who now owned ME an apology!  “They are getting away with it!” I was saying to myself.  And the devil was sure glad to help me nurse a resentment even after I forgave them!  I was suffering the effects of their action to me, which was the gift that kept on giving with no sign of relief!  But God….has given us a remedy in Matthew 18: 15-17.  And to the end of vs. 20 is very fitting and edifying in all of this.  Relationships between believers must be important enough for Christ to have given us an outline of how to handle them, no?  I’m not into throwing relationships away…not easily anyway.  I don’t fancy histrionic traits to be something to attain to, but perseverance instead, to work things out…because….love. 

    Are we all seeing now why unity is so important?  Not just on our  day of worship  or loving the people of our Men’s and Women’s group once a week. It’s everyday.  Every hour.  Every minute. It’s anytime a human is present and we are relating to them.  This is what the Kingdom comes down to, especially one of the same household of faith!  If we can’t love those we have seen, how are we even going to love him who we have not (God).  And if we are to do good especially to the household of faith, then what do we even have to offer those who persecute us and seek our demise?  Jesus does save the least of us, and some of us are rough around the edges.  But I am sure no one reading this is.  You are perfect right?     I am here to tell you that it does matter if we believe we have not faults becase the world watches,  the devil watches, our enemies watch, and most importantly, God sees and is addressing it now. 

I am right there with you with the correction and the resolution.  It’s not a competition.  We are all equal opportunity offenders and the offended, so let’s get off our high horse and put our money where our mouth is.  No one will get away with anything in the end.  Jesus has it on replay!    (Mom’s training is shining through). 

Offense.  Jesus speaks a lot about offense.  In the book of Matthew chapter 18 and verses 15-17 NLT  we have it clearly laid out how we are to address offense between members of the body of Christ.  Vs. 15: “If another believer sins against you, go privately and point out the offense.   If the person listens and confesses it, you have won that person back.  16. But if you are unsuccessful, take one or two others with you and go back again, so that everything you say may be confirmed by two or three witnesses.  17.  If the person still refuses to listen, then take your case to the church.  Then if he or she won’t accept the church’s decision, treat that person as a pagan, or a corrupt tax collector. ”  Now, I have done step one in relation to this.  And literally NO response after trying three different ways to contact the individual.  So, I am next to go to someone and take them with me to the individual.  I only know one person this person knows and that person is not interested, said, “let it go and move on”.  Now had I tried the whole remedy then I can see letting go.  But the whole remedy was not applied so how can I in good conscience “let it go and move on”?  I care about the relationship that started. That is the most hurtful part of all.  Just letting it go seems to say instead, “just don’t correct the person or care about your relationship, the bonds of peace.  Get over it and forget about the person”.  And I think Jesus wants more than that-for the body of Christ anyway.  I don’t condemn the individual who gave this advice.  I think it’s good advice for worldly relationships outside the body of Christ, but we are not to be like the world.  In it but not of it.  It’s not a work relationship or a stranger I am dealing with, it’s supposed to be someone I consider being in God’s family. 

So, what remedy am I left with? How would I proceed to work something out with someone if I can find no one to take with me as a witness?  I don’t.  The individual has made their decision, as have the people I asked who have not been willing to walk along side me in this scripture.   All I can do is pray, forgive them all, bless them and turn the whole thing over to Jesus knowing his ways are higher and that maybe in time, the person will come to their senses. 

   Jesus saw this coming and he left a remedy for us.  All scripture is divinely inspired.  Unity is mentioned a lot in the new testament.  Do a search and you will see.  And that goes for anything written in this message.  Search and see.  Studying the scriptures makes us stronger.  I know I have hidden the word in my heart, and when I refer to it without quoting chapter and verse, it’s because I am confident in it.  It lives on it’s own in my heart, the center of my being, where God dwells, where my spirit is joined to his spirit.  And the holy spirit brings it to my remembrance when needed.  For out of the belly shall flow living water.    It stands on it’s own.  Google it (better to use Start page for privacy) and you will see.  But I am pretty sure this message is intended for the already existing body, who know these truths by and large.  If you don’t, I encourage you to look up the truths presented here and see they line up with scripture.  I know the writing of this message is God’s will for me right now, right this moment.  For he only lets me have peace once I started writing it.  He smoked me out.  And he wins as usual.  lol.  He leads me beside still waters.  He restores my soul.  His rod and staff they are a comfort to me.  (correction). 

And now a word about the ‘online Christian community’ as I hear it referred to.  It is loose knit at best, at least for me it would seem.   It’s not in keeping with the five fold ministry laid out in the new testament.  It’s not set up the same.  We have people starting little chat groups, video watchers club, websites, and on and on.  Seldom do I see structure and discipline that is in keeping with scripture.  It’s more about ‘personal policy’ or the room is for this or that purpose.  So, when conflict happens, oh well.  Whatever will be will be.  No responsibility, no leadership, no protecting the bonds of peace or respect for the body or God’s word is how I see it.    Or there are sponsors like a tv show, yet it acts like a ministry and often tells you it is, despite denying his power, especially by volunteer moderators and their questionable censorship of scripture or any opinion different than the channel owner! They often run rogue like a gang while the page is supposed to be Christian.  They take people out and laugh about it.  Us vs. them mentality.  That’s divisive.  It’s sad, really, especially if the person is trying to ‘play by the rules’ and still gets the axe, which I have had happen as well.  It’s a mad world.  

  I bet Jesus’ heart really hurts that this is the way we carry on.  And I have had my share of mistakes, trust me.  But I improved, and want better, more Godly, not the world’s standards.  The moderators usually   don’t even make money while the channel or group owner rakes in the cash. (typical for most worldly churches that take advantage of member’s good will and willingness to serve)  Well, youtube has taken care of that by demonetizing, but still you get the idea.  And nothing wrong with being financially blessed if one labors for the gospel.   I think imho where folks go wrong is making a truther page kind of like a ministry then managing it with worldly principles while calling themselves God’s elite and elect.  Laughable.   And if we have come out saying we are a believer, we should be quick to apply those beliefs in whatever venture in which we have so feverishly claimed we are Christian in!    It’s all or nothing in this case.   Obedience to his word and ways is better than sacrifice.   And imho, any believer worth their weight in whatever will follow God’s ways, not the world’s.  Just sayin.   God even told me through a couple people to get that paypal button because people wanted to bless me.  I have not done it yet, but it is soon coming.  A workman is worthy of his wage.  (and I work from home as much as I can-he knows this.  He knows my struggle, he knows I press on and do the best I can, so he will provide.  He always has). 

 Hired servants or real Shepherds?  That’s a matter of the heart that only God can judge.  The test is to see if the Shepherd scatters if the sheep are attacked by the wolf.   Unfortunately, I see mostly wolves on youtube and elsewhere.  When these accounts are put to the fire, it comes up melted dross with little precious metal on top, if any.   That’s what scares me anymore.    And that is not the answer.  It’s a mess, frankly.  And I am tired of it.  I want out by and large, yet so many people “are online” that I invariably have to go online to speak to them!  Because the churches are not discussing the same things in person!  It’s all so frustrating!  And as a watchperson on the wall, I feel an obligation to keep up on the deception and expose the fruitless works of darkness, chasing golden tickets and spending hours just doing that.

  And I’m lonely from being a lone so much!  So I seek out people online for fellowship, prayer, a shoulder to lean on or to offer one to lean on….but they take themselves out like trash on a regular basis at the slightest offense.  I have never seen anything like it!  They can’t seem to endure any sound relationship, let alone doctrine.  And God forbid any conflict!  Meanwhile I am screaming, “we can fix this!” yet they don’t care.  Why should they, they reason.  I can get another with the click of a button.  I’ll place my order and in no time I’ll be swimming with other conspiracy nuts.  They treat themselves like trash by not valuing relationships or the bonds of peace.  And I am so willing to teach these skills but so few are interested to learn. 

  I could research it from scratch but that feels so impersonal, and I want to ‘talk’ to others, right?  So I go to the same well-worn cults of personality espousing their own views into things.  God forbid I have a question or actually disagree.  Out come the claws because people are so fear based and full of useless knowledge they are straining out gnats but incidentally swallow the whole camel!  Then there goes the love-my community-unfriended, blocked, etc…for usually next to nothing.   Most don’t even allow time to patch things up…you know, like humans used to do!   And over and over and over have I weathered this nonsense.  Enough!  I want something better and something different.  I don’t see people running out of churches after slamming their bibles closed and vowing to never return if they don’t agree with all of their brothers and sisters!  Not like I do online.  They act more adult like.  So, I think I am going to find a place to fellowship.  I think it will take away most of the problem, anyway.  I’ll still have to say I’m sorry sometimes, or tell someone they have offended me.  And maybe I will get the same result, or maybe I won’t.  But I can try. 

   And why is it my real friends are online and always out of state?  maybe they are not real friends at all if push comes to shove?  maybe it’s all part of the online world of make believe for so many.  Maybe it’s a novelty to know someone from over there or over here?   For me, it was desperate fellowship, a hungry and wounded soul.  And I made my way and grew in spite all of it.  .  It was supposed to be the cream of the crop-at least that is how it was presented!  “Stay out of the churches, the 501c3’s, Satanists are in the church, blah, blah, blah…” and yet online is better?  That has not been my experience.  Maybe I am doing it wrong?  Maybe the five fold ministry needs to be in operation for it to be biblical as a church would be?  maybe the wheat is supposed to grow up with the chaff?  In person could not be any worse I am thinking, so what am I doing online?   Or should I say the 33rd lay lines that demons travel?   Then again, if the head is damaged, so goes the body and I will not submit to a brick and mortar church that is in grave error, either.  For what good would that do?  So, then one is left with catch- as- catch- can- fellowship or to somehow anonymously become part of an at home fellowship so that ‘they’ don’t ‘get me’ when it hits the fan.  More and more I see that the ‘they’ are other so called Christians who think their job is judge, jury, and executioner, even though Jesus has not even come back yet let alone passed some ruling and reigning baton in their direction!  That’s scary stuff.  Mental illness and cult-like characteristics abound online.   Coming from a frequent therapy flier, you should take notice at my words!    It’s the same silly drama and ending over and over in the same way with people taking their ball and their narcissistic case it came in and going home- so to speak-unfriending and blocking one another. 

Now, if the remedy in Matt. 18 has been applied to the end of an issue, then stopping fellowship with an individual or toxic group is right on and you have every right biblically to do so.  I have done this several times this last year as there are so many narcissistic places void of correction but rich with ego and cult characteristics.  Stop the highway, I want off! 

  They don’t want to play anymore.  They got hurt and off they went.  I guess actions do speak louder than words.  The whole thing is just not healthy.  I think the online world is actually harming the body of Christ at this point.  By it’s very detached,’ not-in-person-way’ it is tearing down and cheapening true Godly fellowship.  Christians have become consumers who have so many choices they can just click off or on if something does not tickle their ears, make them feel good, agree with them (not enduring sound doctrine).    We have become a very divided body of believers and I think we are nearing life support and that is why this message is so timely!  I know for me and my house (which means my cat!) that we will serve the Lord!  If that means starting a home based study group then I will.  Or finding an established church that does not compromise and is inherently healthy, then I will obey now and do this.  For all this flippant, subscription based ‘church-like’ stuff is starting to take a back seat to me.  It’s not an effective replacement for the church and fellowship.   It is without oversight (which is biblical to have). 

And don’t worry, I have been on both sides of this lesson.  It’s not fun either way.  And not healthy.   It’s not his best for us.  I mean, does it bear repeating?  Unity is the goal for the body.  Love.  What’s love?  Look at I Cor. 13 to see.  And to love our neighbor as ourself.  It takes two to tango, as the expression goes.  We each have a part. 

 No matter where we know other believers  from, we are still members of the body of Christ even if we don’t attend the same ‘church’ or worship and fellowship services.  We don’t get a free pass around accountability and unity because we “only know the person” through some online facebook group, ministry, or chat. That’s not the way it works.  The temple is not built with human hands.  It’s each of us.  The Kingdom of God is within each of us if he is within us.  We are connected in the spirit.  And wherever two or more are gathered (in spirit) in his name, there is he in the midst of them.  We don’t get to do our body of Christ relationships as the world does their relationships.  As if we are some sit-com and nothing really matters until we show up to the building where we all meet and then we are our best behavior.  That’s doing it wrong. And that is why I wanted to bring this message forward, this teaching.  God is present everywhere (omnipresent).  He sees.  What we have done to each other, we have done to him! 

We have a great cloud of witnesses.   The world still looks on when we are with each other in these groups.  All the silent members watch and see whether we have unity in the body.  There is no place like the internet where people can just mosey on in and leave on a whim and no one really knows who they are, but for the discernment of the spirit (when we are listening!).  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has  had some manic internet times switching back and forth between groups, shows, etc…in our pursuit of the next golden ticket delivered through a well-manicured youtube video or superior spiritual gathering.  And during these times, focus can be muddled and discernment can take a back seat to the quest for knowledge.   But at this point I am here to talk about the tree of life.  More importantly, our bread is Christ.  He is the bread of life.  This life was the light of men, and the darkness could not comprehend it.  All who come to him will not be hungry-in more ways than one.   When we do a couple things at once-and it’s easy to lose that belly discernment.  Regardless of who is in the group, we have a great crowd of witnesses who see how we treat each other.  Now, that alone should not be our motivator for treating each other with love-the fact that others are looking on.  No, our motive to love one another  should spring forth naturally by our abiding in the vine and treating other people the way Christ treats us, by his power working in and through us through prayer, scripture reading, worship.  But occasionally we humans are known not to be perfect.  That’s how we got into this mess in the first place.  That is when we go on automatic and know we are doing the right thing by continuing to treat each other with respect regardless of our own personal trials or struggles, or our emotions.  Sadly, we don’t always make the right choices.  So, when we don’t, we apologize.  It’s what happens with the apology that has everything to do with the individual who has been offended.  We can say sorry til we are blue in the face and pray up one side and down the other–but God is still a gentleman and will not impose his will on the offended.  It’s their job to seek their own heart and relationship with God about this offense, and to open the lines of communication with the offender.  If they are not doing this, then they, too, are out of order. 

Not only do some people not receive and apology when someone has humbled him or herself to come and apologize, they turn and attack the individual!  And this is supposed to help unity in the body how?  how is this Christ like?  how can someone justify attacking someone who has offended them and boldly go before the throne of grace with no conscience? 

Unity like Potato salad

I pray that the body of Christ be edified, corrected, (I know I am), challenged, and encouraged by the following word and commentary.  We need to be as simple as potato salad and as sticky too!  Sticking together.  All for one and one salad for all!  We can learn a lot from simple things.  The lessons are there.  It is simple but not easy.  And for that reason I pray for the grace and strength for each of us to self-examine in light of this word, for there is no shame in being corrected and reproved.  The wise will receive the correction, for his rod and his staff they comfort me.  He leads us beside still waters and restores our souls.  And so that we may work together and fit together as all parts of the body unto the whole, having many members but different parts.  And so in this way with each when we come together, that for the sake of the whole, we put aside all malice and insincerity and be washed in the water of the word.  We are all on the same team.  We can’t all be quarterbacks, nor do we all want to be.  But we all matter TO the team.  For one member needs the other to function-in close quarters-and in a kind and civil manner, otherwise what testimony do we have? 

I was making potato salad on 12-22-18 around 12:10 am (yes, odd hours-I tend to be up at night to do my work for many reasons).  I knew a word was forming of brewing in me for a couple days.  I had been drawing near away from a season of God-inspired activity to be once again surprisingly captivated by his safe company and loving heart.  The anointing rushed on me and I felt the deposit in my spirit, an authority, a holy quickening.  Ok, its a word coming on, I said to myself.  I can choose to feed my face and put God on hold or I can say, “yes, drill sergeant!” and be a good soldier.  I chose well-this time, anyway.   I had an understanding that financially it will not be this way always.  Help will come.  Finances are coming for the body in a communal sense.  THAT is what he is going to be blessing!  He will bless the UNITY with a quickness!  Also, deposited was the knowing that he is requiring greater faith(from me, anyway) and that make or break time is approaching.  It’s time to pare down, get ready, DO the work, HAVE the faith, take the action and wait.  Day by day doing what is the next indicated step.  I have been doing just that, like shredding piles of papers, consolidating, letting go of and letting faith rise that there will be more inventory to sell so I can live!  So I can save and invest into the safe haven, so that we can all get there sooner!  Even though I cannot see what he has promised, my actions say I believe and with faith, we can please God.  Otherwise, it is not.    In that few seconds he gave me hope of a new season, strength physically and spiritually to start marching again.  It is sowing season.  Action.  Less talk, more action.  Not just busy work, but marching orders.  Ask him today what yours are, soldier.  How can your actions say you believe in his vision and are moving toward it?  To him who has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches. 

I knew, as usual, that when he gives me these words (or rather the truth is when he writes through me), it is intense.  I feel the importance, the respect.  I know  I am on sacred ground.  Today’s word was, as usual, delivered with a type of fire that just pours forth the words like a sword.  Into my hand it flows, my gaze fixed with purpose, just pouring it out and not being able to stop or I might lose something.  Stopping only to pray that I hear all correctly, his intent, his message, and that I walk worthy of this job.  I did well today in that. 

  At first I knew it was Jesus speaking, then I knew the Father came in, and it was all punctuated by the comfort of the holy spirit.  It was kind of like a board room, a meeting, a counsel,  a panel.  They had gathered together.  I felt as if I were looking intently through their eyes, feeling what they felt.  There was a divine justice to it all, a warning really.  For he corrects those whom he loves and he chastises all he considers Sons and Daughters.  We are not bastard children.  We have been delivered from that.  And if you think you need that, contact me and I will refer you to the deliverance minister who was part of my deliverance.  The prayers worked!  I digress. (but with good intention). 

So, this message is one of love, I sensed, but he is sending a firm warning to those attacking one another, especially those gifted with the prophetic, his servants.  For the spirit of a prophet is subject to the control of the prophets, as he says in the word.  More on that later.  And for the mockers and scoffers among our own who have turned to attack and destroy and play judge, jury, and executioner when none  of the three has been entrusted to them.  And by judge I mean the meaning of ‘passing condemning judgment’.  That job is still his until he hands the scepter to us one day to help with ruling and reigning.    But for now, our job is to build up and love the body, leaving the judgment to him (for vengeance is his).  Not to be confused with fruit inspecting which has to do with orderly ministry.  In that sense, the meaning of the word ‘judge’ is to ascertain, to decide (having been charged with oversight to protect and provide for the flock ).  And of note-when we ‘fruit inspect’ we do not get out the magnifying glass and ruler and record every jot and tittle.  We see overall that there is fruit, growth in Godliness, the dispatch of duties, faithfulness (to him and not a ‘church program’-faithfulness instead to his CALL on that person, in this case).  We don’t play ‘holy spirit, Jr.’ we just make sure there is growth and no major sins that need to be addressed.  Because hey, if we start throwing stones, there are gonna be a lot of broken windows because we all have flaws that he is working on. 

Ok, and so starts the long scripture (his words!) laden ‘word’ he gave to the body (especially to his servants the prophets, the watchmen, and the soldier, servant). 

“I have interrupted what you are doing because my timing is not your timing.  I have told you and I will do it.  (he had just told me about provisions for the on-the-run-remnant soon to come).  My ways are higher than your ways.  What you have done in secret I see and will honor you and reward you in the open.  I prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies.  I have chosen who I have chosen.  I need counsel from no one…

( just glanced up at the television which is on the old movie station and behold Alfred Hitchcock on….I kid you not, the episode title is “Don’t Interrupt” with Chloris Leachman and some other old time Hollywood types!!!  Talk about synchronicity and confirmation!  I start to get excited when God flows like this, for he walks with us and talks with us.  Nothing can separate us from his love.  He’s reiterating this HIS (emphasis, not screaming) timing is HIS timing.  Go with it).  Not to mention his power.  No limitations with God yet isn’t it the habit of most of us to keep him on a short leash instead of letting him have full run of the yard?  Lord help us in this.  I know none of those reading fit that description.  It’s just me.  Yeah….tell me another one.  Let’s be real, brothers and sisters. 

….I tell you truly that the first will be last, and the last shall be first!  Have I  not told you and shown you?  have I not chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise of the world? did I not say a child shall lead them?  I do my best work through broken vessels.  For my power is made perfect in weakness… (right here he interjects: For you receive the same lesson until you pass, so I repeat my words.  I am faithful.  I cannot deny myself.  I have shown you long-suffering.)  < and I sense NOW is crucial to pay attention to THIS word and ‘get it’.    Ok, resuming word…  Oh, how I long to run to you and hold you, comforting you!   (he wants his bride with him!) Please seek me while you can find me and call upon me while I am near!  (I sense urgency of timing here in this message.  I keep hearing two years.  I don’t know what this is, but it does match up with when Trump’s term is up.  I sense dread after that. )

From glory to glory I move you, so as from season to season shall you go.  There is a time for everything under the Sun.  I give life, and I take life away.  My purposes are perfect.  My judgments exact.  I am. 

When the enemy comes in like a flood, I will raise up a standard against him.  I raised the standard against Jezebel when she was destroying Ahab.  I used Jehu to bring her down to the ground and her judgment was death.  So am I doing now-raising up a standard for my chosen ones- my servants the prophets.

In the secret place I war so you do not even know or understand the battle that is raging.  I will protect my spokesperson with the sword of my love for I am love, and my words area consuming fire split by the sword of truth.  Reader beware.  For my spirit will not always strive with man.  For if you turn and attack each other, be careful lest you consume one another and I come and discipline harshly so as to save your soul from eternal condemnation if you repent not.  For you are my elect, chosen before the foundations of the world.  I knew you then, and I know you now.  Be advised of the blotting out from the book of life.  For even the elect could be deceived.  Reader beware. 

(This is where I was aware of the Father stepping in soon).  For those who mock those I send, remember that judgment begins in the house of the Lord.  You mock that I say, “touch not mine anointed one?”.  You decide? You, oh man, tell me? Do you know your place as you as the dust under your feet? How fragile are your frame and composition which I carefully formed and knit together in your Mother’s womb.  You are totally dependent on me, yet you will decide what punishments you mete out and acquire? For I tell you divine judgments are in my hand and my justice is pure.  I will repay. 

(Jesus again, I noticed) For I tell you before you bring your gifts to the altar go to your brother and sister and be reconciled!  For how can I come quickly as my servants now obediently cry when you will not keep the unity of the bonds of peace? Many are called and few are chosen. (for the job he is saying.  In other words, he will replace us if you don’t follow what he is saying at some point. We don’t lose our salvation or are condemned, we simply lose out on the opportunity to learn and grow and serve, growing in to the fullness of our calling which will lead to ruling and reigning.  For this is the training camp to that end).  The harvest is plentiful but the laborers few.  And without unity you will accomplish?  without a testimony to the great cloud of witnesses how shall it be proclaimed? for how shall you move from glory to glory unless you repent?  As I prayed in the garden (he is talking about what we know as ‘The Lord’s prayer’.  Look it up.  It’s in there.  It does not mean you are ‘being Catholic if you say it for goodness sake!  It’s HIS (emphasis) words, after all and it has a purpose behind it. It’s in HIS Bible!   It shows a model of how we are to live and it’s a good framework for when we go off course which, we as humans, tend to do no matter how esteemed our position or lack thereof…not to mention prevailing opinions of self-importance and self-perfection which are both a fantasy and contrary to the gospel of Christ.  Him:  “For I said ‘be ye perfect as I am perfect’, which does not mean you try to impress me with your perfect performance to win me over-it means YOU lean on ME, and my power is made perfect in your weakness, so that, each time you fail or fall (and the righteous falls seven times but gets up!  So get up!!)you will turn to me and I make you perfect!”  (wow, that is how that works, Church!  I did not even have the ability to do and phrase that the way the Father just did!). 

The world will know you by your love for one another?  do you think they cannot see?  you seek to save them from what?  (he is talking here about what it’s like from the world’s perspective when they see division in the church.  He is saying how would this look attractive to them?  how are we different from what they have that would make them want to be with us or want what we have?).  for what is your case to make with them?  you cause?  You will show them a better way as you reach for the speck in your brother’s eye, barely seeing past the log in your own? could your vision be cloudy?  If the eye is healthy and full of light then what?  Good.  But if the eye is dark, then how great the darkness.  Bad.  

Do not envy those I have put on the front lines.  For such a time as this have they been prepared.  They know that.  Deep calls unto deep.  And they know it is not by their power these great things come.  They were willing.  They appreciate me.  They live on the edge-for you.  So make their job a joy, not a burden.  And humble yourselves and submit to one another without any consideration of rank and file.  For you are one body.  For did I not say that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the control of the prophet?  were my words mistakes?  did I not divinely inspire those words through the hands of obedient men?  and did they not persevere til today and stand?

Humble yourselves to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed.  Stop competing and start working as a team.  Honor one another and so you honor me.  For what you do to the least of these, you do unto me. 

Broken vessels represent ways God can show his light and heal with his healing oil to those around us.  When we are broken, it is the perfect opportunity to receive healing.  And as we spread that healing out through the cracks, he can do a beautiful work.  We share of who we are and in the process he creates unity of purpose in us as we know and carry one another’s burdens. 

I implore:  The seeds of unity in the body of Christ and of the communal, literal coming church structure to be born from apocalyptic tragedy were planted in my spirit in the late 1980’s upon my powerful conversion at age 21.  (having been ‘saved’ at 12 and I think it was more of lip service, not having yet known how to be as the velveteen rabbit-real).  This was deposited into my spirit like a rod of iron.  The Father told me then he would set me into a family.  This journey has been ongoing for 32 years!  He will do what he says he will do-in his time.  It is this vision of a literal end times community I received and nurture in my spirit today.  I have seen it, as have others.  It will come, despite the objections and unwillingness.  God will have this structure and he will have his Goshen or safe haven.  He will save many lives there (God Bless Brother Chuck Youngbrandt who has passed on to glory for his obedient ministry in prophecy!)  (not that he is not capable of saving them anywhere people may be…and in fact he will do this if it is his perfect will for the individual.  But for me and my house?  I know we are meant to be set apart, to hear from the Father and the Son.  He is moving us toward that end.  We NEED (emphasis) to get these lessons of humility one with another!  I can’t stress that enough.  For with unity all things are possible.  A three fold chord is not easily broken.  We have been making progress to this end, but it could go faster.  He impressed that upon me dreadfully with this word.  We got a talking to.  And I know I am not the only one who has received correction and edification from this.  Don’t even try it.  Can’t kid a kidder.  And I’m street smart.  He has put my mess of a life together for such a time as this.  And I feel his sense of urgency and want to see this come as soon as possible.  To those who have, give to those who need who are laboring with you.  I know this is rising in me, even with my super small potatoes Joseph in Egypt-type funded life and home-based business!   He is faithful!  He has used them to provide for me.  But he is switching this….transitioning.  We need to get it!  Look on this prophecy page and see the prior words.  There are not too terribly many-maybe ten, in craigslist scroll-down fashioned format.  And see what he is saying to the church.  NOW more than ever I am seeing that THIS is job #1 for me in the body at this point.  And what a challenge!  I pray for so many daily, carrying you around in my heart.  And I hope that you do the same and carry me.  For one day, we will not be in the same financial system.  It’s going to be a ho down in the hot barn tonight and things of that nature!  Back to basics and a new economy!  That word is on this prophecy page as well.  Pray, ask him what he is saying to you about this.  Examine yourself in light what he is presenting through this ministry he has chosen for me.  How can you prepare?  what can you fund?  For if we build it, they (the remnant will come to it, AND HE will come for his bride!  But he WILL have a bride and he WILL have this remnant, and he WILL see this ARK-type plan (shout out to Gary and Lois Vogel Sharp of King of Glory ministries on youtube!  🙂 ).  He is proving something to the enemy, so that once this Philadelphia-type-love is matured in the bride, it will prove to the lawless one that his ways ARE indeed greater and that love conquers all.  It also seeks to bless us in 1,001 ways-not to mention the equipping for future exciting missions as his rulers and reigners!  woo hoo!

Gifts of healing and compassion arose in me today through this word.  I pray they spread to you as we nurse the spirit of reconciliation in the bonds of unity in the spirit.  I write this to show and be transparent, that in my journey I may help and bless another.  I learn from submitting to others.  I often entreat and covet prayers for wisdom, knowledge, and providence.

Let’s be the church of Philadelphia and take the early church format seriously and completely.  I’m in!  Who will stand with me as I stand on his word and his promises? 







War Cry

I received another song on 10-15-18,  right after the last one, ‘Leaving Babylon’.  Next day as a matter of fact.  I got the song to go with it.  I will be sharing just the words here.  The war cry is a call to prayer for Christians.  For that’s where our battles are won.  That’s where we start.  And the message is also clear that we are a  body.  A body needs all it’s part for operation. I Cor. 12:12-31.    So, none are better than another, whether weakness, age, disability.  The body of Christ, more importantly the Bride of Christ,  will be known for it’s love for one another.  So, where we go, we need to go together and help the weaker members, of which we all are at different times.  What goes around, comes around. 

This is my war cry

         Prepare for battle

Fight the battles at hand

         Stand in formation in the land

Shoulder to shoulder, the weak one and the older

          All for one and one for all

Think as a unit

           Leave no man or Woman behind 


Leaving Babylon

God gave me this song on 10-14-18.  I shared it with a couple groups of people.  Of course, as I enter it here it is only a short, non-rhyming poem.  None the less, it’s the message that is important. 


Are you willing to leave Babylon?

    Are you willing to get out of the Beast?

Are you willing to give of what you have? 

Love isn’t love til you give it away, give it away, give it away. 

Love isn’t love til you give it away, give it away, give it away.

Are you ready to climb to the high places?

Are you ready to climb to the high places?

Are you ready to climb to the high places?

Do you love money or do you love me? 








Be of good courage

war chess
Be of good courage!  John 16:33, “For I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me.  Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”     youPhoto by Gladson Xavier on

I had went back to bed today, feeling like I had a cold.  The rest did me good.  Woke up and not too long after God gave to me this poem.  I think he intended it to be another song, as I have been sharing little songs via the text messaging with my circle of friends.  I was playing catch up with the day and the song never happened.  Usually it is downloaded to me quickly and if I miss that window, my ADHD brain moves on.  lol. And he is still so loving and kind to me.  How loved I feel.  This one went more into poem status, but it can always be made into a short, encouraging song later.  Eph. 5:19 NLT   ” Singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts”

Here is the poem:

Soldiers be of good courage

Gather your gear

Abandon your fears

For when the time comes, I will tell my ones

My sheep hear my voice, so please make the right choice

For today pray, for a sanctuary to stay

To ride out the storm, to battle on your knees

For I will hide my precious gems for awhile as I see fit and for times

For seasons to rest a bit as the poor wanderer bearing my name will lay his head there

With mighty angels and a canopy, I declare it safe! I have ordained for those who hear my voice.

For your battle is not in flesh but in the spirit with no bullets but tears

I favor these, for it is by love that this all came about, the whole plan will happen so do not doubt

Remember my works of old, I am the same God.  Let not your hearts grow cold.

I am with you always, so make your families, live like me, that I may dwell within your fold.