img_20181112_161031All of this saddens me. The church is the only Army that shoots it’s wounded. It’s no wonder Christians give over to suicide after watching the lack of love and compassion in the body of Christ.   It’s like the church shoots itself in the foot.  The new testament is a new covenant: Love. Check it. Jesus said it’s the most important thing. I Cor. 13.  If you are not loving, you are doing it wrong.  Scripture says so.
Knowledge puffs up; love builds up. 1 Corinthians 8:1 New Living Translation (NLT)
Food Sacrificed to Idols
“8 Now regarding your question about food that has been offered to idols. Yes, we know that “we all have knowledge” about this issue. But while knowledge makes us feel important, it is love that strengthens the church. ” I bet you many suicide victims felt they had no where to turn-were not feeling the love- because of the judgmental, critical nature of the self-righteous ones who really have not understood the gospel of grace but sure can spit out old testament laws as casually as watermelon seeds at a picnic with no consideration for where they land.  Nothing  but the pursuit of knowledge. To prove their worth to Jesus? You want to impress Jesus? Try this:
Gal. 5. &….
Matthew 23:23 -24 Woes to Scribes and Pharisees
…23Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You pay tithes of mint, dill, and cumin, but you have disregarded the weightier matters of the law: justice, MERCY, and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. 24You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. 25Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.…(so MERCY is called a weightier matter of the law!  That means it’s more important!)  Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Yes, there is a spirit suicide-it goes around to the weakest members, you know-the least of these that Jesus mentions: the mentally ill, the persecuted, the sick, the betrayed… Satan does not play fair. So why not do as Jesus did and LOVE the least of these when they are down and depressed. When they are emotionally , spiritually, or physically broken, why not do what Jesus did and offer prayer and healing? Listen to them. They don’t need to hear all the latest laws from the old testament you learned-they need LOVE.   Good thing I have a good foundation for this. I won’t let one of the judgmental law keepers rain on my parade. I came in by grace and I will graduate off the earth by grace. Gal. 5. I continue to pray for all. Yes, the words of Jesus are like a sword coming out of his mouth. Hear him now. God have mercy on us all for the way the body carries on. The bride looks like a fight at a bar instead of anyone Jesus would want at a wedding reception.   Shame.  Let’s fight the real enemy:  the spirits of suicide, depression, isolation, grief, trauma, betrayal, persecution….let’s bind those up and loose the good by both word AND deed.  Eph. 6:  KJV

12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
13Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
14Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
15And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
16Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
17And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
18Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;
Notice that last verse……18, ” Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit, and WATCHING thereunto with all perseverance and supplication FOR ALL SAINTS”  (watching for all the saints= looking out for one another.  Not waiting for someone to fall so you can play judge, jury, and executioner.  You are not ruling and reigning yet-get off the platform!  He’ll let you know when it’s time.  For now?  Do as he said and Love one another.  It’s the thing he mentioned a lot, and as being the most important.  It’s the only reason he accepts us:  HIS sacrifice and HIS love, not our works.  Our works lead to rewards, not salvation.  Salvation is a gift.  Gal. 5 again.  The all-purpose passage for grace vs. works).
Caps for emphasis, not screaming.

Earthquake preparedness

I wrote this thing three times.  Second time I erased half of it by mistake with no recovery.  Here’s for a quick fix for a third.  It’s getting late.  I can come back tomorrow and finish it with the other non-essential missing parts.  Frustrating.  

This earthquake thread started for me in 2010 right after the Haiti quake of January 12, 2010.  The Haiti quake had me very disturbed.  I followed the news as much as possible.  It troubled me deeply.  I felt so sorry for the people.  I watched the coverage intently, seeing highlighted the singing of praises by a group of Christians that had gathered after the quake.  I fell asleep to the tv coverage.  I had a dream and in the dream was Psalms 46: 1-3. 

Psalm 46:1-3 New Living Translation (NLT)

Psalm 46

For the choir director: A song of the descendants of Korah, to be sung by soprano voices.[a]

God is our refuge and strength,
always ready to help in times of trouble.
So we will not fear when earthquakes come
and the mountains crumble into the sea.
Let the oceans roar and foam.
Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge! Interlude

And when I awoke with this Psalms 46 scripture in my head, I awoke to a person that was miraculously saved in Haiti on the news, covered in white  concrete dust, who had been pulled alive from the rubble!  And the scripture they said was this scripture, Psalms 46: 1-3.  The SAME scripture God had given me in the dream!!  Hallelujah! Now back in 2010 I was still very afraid to come out in the open about dreams, visions, words.  I would always just tell a few people around me, but never wanted to be in the spotlight.  Still don’t.  But the difference is now I am obedient this last year by having this website.  Before I used to share all over the internet what I was given, and that was time consuming.  I put a lot of time into that internet ministry.  It was easier than in person because the computer creates a buffer:  I don’t have to see the people in person.  lol.   Yet my whole life I have had the dreams, visions, and words!  Many times I knew things before they would happen by a premonition, but I was afraid to say so most of the time.  I never gave much thought to all this coming from God for a purpose and with a responsibility for what I was given.   But this dream and corresponding confirmation word from the Haiti survivor was a new level for me.  I had not had anything to this extent.   It was a turning point I felt.  And it was God’s word of comfort for me about not worrying because his arm is not too short to save.  I was so encouraged by this and felt so loved by the Lord by this.  It gave me perfect peace.  

About three months later, on April 3, 2010 I had a strong premonition during a time of prayer on a Saturday.  I just KNEW (emphasis) we were going to have an earthquake.  I posted this to facebook.  It was very real for me.  The very next day was the Easter quake of 2010 in Baja CA which was 150 miles away, a 7.2!  It happened in a pretty remote place, thank the Lord.   And I felt it strongly in San Diego!  Our apartment went up and down.  It cracked buildings also and broke out windows locally!  We also discovered our apartment had major construction flaws, which they thankfully fixed!   So, that totally blew my mind.  I had one neighbor who did not agree with me.  A violent man who I had seen beat up someone previously right in front of our apartments.  He scared me by calling me “a false prophet!”.  I never said I was a prophet.  All I did was say I felt very strongly that we were going to have an earthquake.  He said I was working with the devil in no uncertain terms.  This really frightened me.  I let it affect my gifting.   I was afraid of him after that and was glad the day I was able to move from there.  

I was a caregiver at the time and the poor client I had suffered with Alzheimers and thought the quake was fun.  lol.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Plus the cat sure did not like it.  He looked around the corners of the bedroom and then crouched while surveying everything around him waiting to see what to do.  Smart.  Not a bad idea if there is no where else to go.   One of the tv stations did a whole study on pets-namely cats- and how they can tell ahead of time there will be a quake.  The same way they can somehow tell when their owner is coming home (other than the fact that they can tell time pretty well when it’s time for treats!  lol).  So my cat has a prophetic gifting, too?  lol.  No, I think it has something to do with their heightened characteristics as an animal.  He did, actually, stand still about 30 seconds before we had this quake, just looking around.  I guess that was my 30 second warning?  I don’t know.  Interesting.  

After posting this premonition , I felt this expectation by people that knew me on facebook that I should be able to predict them when they are happening all over the world.  I had to deal with people calling me psychic, for which I would correct them I don’t believe that way.  This is God’s gifting if anything, I told them.  And I can’t will it to be.  It is lead by the Holy Spirit.  Not that I did not try.  I was on the learning curve.  I did not know any better.    Not to be confused with exercising the prophetic gift, which I think is different.  With exercising the prophetic gift the Lord has shown me this comes about mostly in personal prophecies (for me anyway), or are they words of knowledge?  Never could tell, but one thing is for sure:  the spirit does flow, people are blessed and brought closer to the Lord through the ministry.   I feel like I am escorting people to the Father when I get those personal ones.  I take them to Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit and I say, “see, they don’t bite!”.  ❤  That is what it feels like for me.  What a privilege.   And even then when someone has asked me about something for them.  I just start praying and praising and speaking to the person.  Other times I am hanging out with the person and the word comes to me for them out of the blue.  I ask them if they want to hear it, and then the spirit moves.  This has been my experience.  It always edifies the Lord, brings the believer closer.  And I am ALWAYS (emphasis) sure to give God the glory and explain the way it works.  I am just the vessel.  I am not better than the person that takes out the trash or the billionaire.  We are all equal in Christ.  Just different jobs.  

Next is what happened in 2018.  I got a waking vision . In the vision was a red circle around the NE corner of the Salton Sea.  The Salton Sea is inland from San Diego about 100 miles.  I did not think much of it because I had nothing else to connect it to.  I had been helping a friend look for a new place.  He was moving out of San Diego and he considered the area.  As I had looked at that area, it was before I saw the red circle vision . When I looked at that area it was very eerie to me.  I was creeped out!  I imagined the water coming up over the house I was looking at for my friend.  I thought that was strange.  Then a couple months later I was watching the news and lo and behold that red circle was there on tv in the same place I saw in my dream.  Turns out the seismologists had just discovered that the area was much weaker and complicated that they had previously thought!  Who knew!  The Lord knew!  Then I spoke with the friend that considered moving there and he said, “yeah, the Lord closed that door.  I did not feel right about it”!  Now that area of the circle is where the San Andreas fault meets the Salton Sea.  

Ok, continuing with this Earthquake thread we have what happened over the summer of 2019, that just passed.  On July 4th there was a seven point earthquake in Ridgecrest, CA, up the road from me several hours.  I was not here for it in San Diego.  It was felt slightly by people here.    I was out of town on a sponsored mission trip.  Now the interesting part is that before I left on this trip, I had the strong thoughts that I should do some additional earthquake proofing.  I had prepared years ago with many smart things by taking most pictures with glass off the walls, putting heavier things down on the bottom, etc…But this was different.  I just had strong  yet peaceful urgings to put the tv down off the stand and some other items.  Then while out of town I was notified of the quake!  

Now, since I got back from the mission trip, more and more I have been thinking about quakes!  So much so that  several times a day I will think things like, “If I were in the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom what would I do during an earthquake?  what will the cat do in this situation?”.  And then I will envision things falling out, where they might land and what I would do.  Now I have not taken much further action on this other than I think it  several times a day.  Even when I am in a store or other building I have been thinking about it more and more.  I did not think this was tell tale until today.  I figured that since the big July 4th, 2019 quake, this is why.  But after the post I saw today, I am beginning to wonder.  

God is able to keep me here.  He is also able to move me out, as he said.  I am doing the best that I can being disabled now.  I do a lot for my condition.  I have a heart arthmia that is alleviated wobbly with meds, celiac disease which is diet controlled yet burdensome and isolating, complex ptsd, and bi-polar.  Other than that, I am perfectly normal.  All that and disability is over 4 years I have been waiting for a decision.  The system is overrun here in CA.  I tried moving so I could do the ssi case in another state but nothing opened up, so I stayed here in CA.    If the decision is nay, then God is faithful and will take care of me.  Never have we seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.  I work part time from home and I do the ministry.  I would love to do more if I could.  I would like better hourly than the online sales I am doing.    If someone has any ideas, let me know.  No multi-level marketing please.  Just hourly work.   I think I can do better if the conditions are right?   I am sure for giving it a try.   The irony is I don’t do as well when alone as I do when I am around people more. So this has really stretched me.  I have grown a lot.   I have been through it with the local apostate churches.  And no church around me believes in the flowing of the holy spirit that I can see.   I live in a selfish region of the country, where the love of self is more important than helping others.  I get some help and support with certain things.  But this is not exactly an area conducive to relationships.    I could not afford the car anymore so I sold that.  And that makes things harder with walking these hills, finding inventory to sell, shipping, etc…I am definitely not in my 20’s any longer, but I don’t do badly for someone in their 50’s-54.   I pray.   I walk through gang areas where there have been three shootings and one death in the last few months.  God keeps me.  Then we had a police stand off with the neighbor a few weeks ago.  Prayed through that as well.  I pray more than ever.   I walk by the spirit and not sight.    I work smart and I work hard as I can.  Money is not what I get a lot of.  I get a lot of riches in the spirit . And my needs are met-one day at a time.  If I am ever to get off the coast and out of CA, he will open that door.  Even if someone has me live in their 10×10 shed, at least it’s a roof over my head and I will be with fellow believers to labor in the Lord with!  That’s my hope one day.  Not because “I want a place to live and free-load” but because he is bringing his body together.  And people like me could use some family.    But for now, I am here-in the Lion’s Den.  In the midst of the storm.  And Psalms 46: 1-3 reminds me that he can keep me wherever just like that individual in Haiti ( I could not see if male or female at the time due to the concrete dust). 


I get daily notifications for 444prophecy news website.  I don’t read all of what is put out, as there are so many.  Lately I have been reading more.  I noticed I can’t always judge a book by it’s cover with the contents of the prophetic word shared there.  Today I got a notification of a 10.0 earthquake with a timeline!  Before summer’s end-which is September 23.  I by and large usually shy from date setting but on occasion something grabs me   This one grabbed me.  Given to a brother named Frank Serritella.  You can find it at or you can go to youtube and find it under the channel AMIDNIGHTCRY.  


A message to the keepers of my Oasis

And to the owners of the Oasis (plural):  See that you, as having been chosen for such a task, provide shelter for the special and poor wanderers-the hidden parts of my body, my special child-like ones, the ill, the needy, those with incomplete capacities who need looking after.  For you stewards of my Oasis know who you are.  For I raise up a standard against you and your wealth, which is really my wealth, says the Lord.  I can give and I can take away.  There is also a time for blessing and cursing.  My patience has run out for you who have and do not give-those who can do good but decide to please yourselves, instead.  My anger is kindled against you.  For your excess I gave to you to help the least of these. Instead you have created temples to yourselves in which to worship me & also temples to live in, where you worship your own abilities and actions and boast, “look what I have built!  Look what I have done with my own hands and abilities!  I have done this!!  I have only ME to thank!  Therefore, I will do as I please with MY money and success!”  And I tell you, because of your arrogance and pride, I will come swiftly and make an example of you.  Do not be surprised because I will do it.  My warnings, patience, kindness, and gentle reasoning have gone before the rise of my anger against you, but now I come swiftly with the canker worm, the rust, the sudden destruction of your selfish empires to dethrone you.  I will give your portions into the hands of those I know will be better stewards.  You are without excuse.  I have warned you.  My warnings are everywhere.  My anger is burning bright against you.  You hide the talents I have given you for your own use later?  You have continually, without repentance hidden the talents I entrusted to you.  You have an abundance yet see around you those you call brother and sister and you love them not in deed.  You watch their most vital needs unmet for fear of releasing some of the extra in the storehouse which has been sown into you.  I move on you and stir the waters, yet you pay me no attention.    So I will come and take your talents.  This is my final warning.  I discipline those I love.  I chastise all who I call a Son or Daughter.  Remember ALL of my words and repent.  You seek me out.  I cannot always spoon feed you.  Talk to me.  Argue your case against your greed and selfishness.  

You must obey as dutiful soldiers when I give the order.  Go when I say go.  Give when I say give.  My supplies are not limited, but as you are oh simple minded man- just a man.    This is the faith that shall please me and I will move on your behalf.  These are the costs for you to count.  For heavy rewards come with heavy prices for your mortal lives to pay.  

Words from the Father and Son

Go ahead and be annoyed with one another.  Just make sure to love one another.  I was once an earthly brother so I understand.  

I shake you now toward one another.  I cause you to need one another.  I am bringing you together-each to his or her fellowship that will be best suited for you.  

I cause you situations to learn unity and long-suffering with one another.  For how can you lead if not by example?  I have called you; you have answered.  Continue to answer when I call.  For no man knows what a day may bring forth.  For today, do what you can while there is light.  

Nothing is more beautiful than brothers living in harmony with one another with no strife.  Many of you moan and suffer by this present season of separation and wilderness experience.  Have you counted the costs of you the lonely to be set into a family?  Things will change. For then you will seek out a quiet place when you have had your fill. 

The unity of the body in the expression of assembling yourselves together is my will and my word.  And in this you have the responsibility for orderly worship for people to take their respective places of evangelist, teacher, pastor, prophet and apostle.  The focus will no longer be just you but the body of Christ as a whole.  I create a new church from the present day little stones that the present day apostate church builder rejected.  It is time to assemble now as you have passed the test.  To him who has and ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches.    I am no respecter of persons.  

I call you out now from the electronic and cyber-ecclesia into the hiways and byways because the internet is corrupt now and full of demons.  The time is now for a new season, for this new end times church who I assemble.  I have heard your complaints of the present apostasy.  I am not overwhelmed and off-kilter by your frustrations, anger and temporary loss of temper when calling out to me.  For I know your frame and your journey.  Remember the psalms of David, a man of great passion, frustrations, and anger who has gone before you.  And surely I was long-suffering with him, knowing his ending from his beginning.  So, too, do I know yours.  Do you fear shocking me?  do you fear overwhelming me?  do you fear surprising me?  Don’t, for I know you, your thoughts, the testimony of your faith, and the buffeting of your souls and bodies.  It is only that you are the created and I am the creator.  

Assemble yourselves now.  Continue with me as you also seek to challenge your comfort zones of isolation.  Remember my seasons.  And for the formerly hidden, I still hide you in plain sight from evil men.    My arm is not too short.  Feel the warmth of my arm as I hold you and protect you form the onslaughts of the enemy.  For your purposes will be established and fruitful, as written.  So shall your ends be.  But remember me.  Remember, for the hopeful in Christ I am always a season of new beginnings taking you from glory to glory.  So now go.  This is your first paragraph of the next chapter for you.  Walk it out.  Go in faith.  Leave your door frames covered.  (I have to pray about what he meant here).  I will show you great favor as you go. You will find other poor wanderers and your flame will be brighter together than separate.  For you will gather souls.  And I am in the midst of you.

Provide hospitality unto one another and in so doing please me and entertain angels.  Sing together, pray together.  see if there is any in need among you to be filled.  For when one part suffers, we all suffer.  Bear up with one another’s burdens and you will fulfill the law of Christ, which is to love the lord they God with all thy heart, mind, and soul, and to love thy neighbor as yourself.

You want my Kingdom come?  My Kingdom starts within you.   Share this and band together in your house churches and then in unity go on exploits, adding to your numbers.  It is a harvest.  First you learn to love and work together then you go out and others will see your love for one another and glorify my Father in heaven, and be added to you.  


Such were some of you

For such were some of you.  The very things you condemn in the enemy’s camp, you once did.  And from that I ransomed you and set you up high in honor as my own to inherit the Kingdom.  So, judge not lest you be judged!  For some of the very people who attack you now will come to know me in full repentance!  I will give them a new name as I gave you!  I am not willing they would perish, but repent and turn from their wicked ways as you have done.  So, let ME (emphasis anytime you see caps) defend you against some of these very ones which now stand attacking and astral projecting into your environments, escorted by demons!  Just as I have saved Paul on the road to Damascus, so shall I save some such as these.  They will become mine for I have willed it.  And I have known  the beginning from the ending all along, for I made you.  I see and know the future.  I have known who will turn to me.  And I will save them how I see fit in the way that will best edify them.  They will become my secret weapons against the very darkness they wallow in now and are bound to.  This is my redemption.  Nothing is wasted.  All things are useful.  I am the great architect and engineer.  So, do not pray for the instant death of these ones who are presently in the state of being as an enemy of the cross!  Do not cut their silver chords or ask me to do it.  For love conquers all.  I am the perfect judge.  I know when to cut a chord.  Did I not say I will protect my own?  Did I not say that love is the greatest of these!?  So, pray for these attackers!  Truly!!  I tell you to BLESS those who curse and persecute you!  Bless and not curse in return!!  Only bind up the strongman (he means the demonic influence) in defense to the attack on your person and in defense of THEIR eternal Salvation!!!  YES!!  I tell you.  I have the same love for all.  I am no respecter of persons.  For it is my goodness that leads to repentance.  My love is a consuming fire, as coals from my lips.  So, do bind up, then loose a blessing, forgive and rejoice for when such a one is added to you, you have an ally and not a foe!  Love truly conquers all.  I am love.  My words are power and life that consume with love for they are mine, and I am one-there is no division or doubt in me.  No weaknesses do I have.  Live the example you see my Son lived.  Use wisdom and discernment.  I will lead you.  There is a time and place for everything under the sun.  But just remember from whence you came.  So that in humility your heart will embrace others ransomed from the pit with the same comfort with which you have received.  For all things are possible with me.  And I embody love, so live as the love in I Cor. 13 and more will be added to your numbers daily!  The Kingdom of heaven is at hand!  It is exploding forth now, for this harvest season!!  See, I show you, teach you to wield the sickle in joyful gathering of souls after you have cleared the land (the spiritual land, binding up the strongmen, the demonic forces we wrestle against:  Eph.  6) with the sword of my mouth spoken in my words as you abide in and release my words for this cause.  Who are mine that are called and also chosen!?  Arise now, count the costs, plan your journeys!!  Go OUT!!  GO in FAITH!!  Plan and go or just go-as long as you have faith I am pleased and will add to that!  PLEASE!!!  Answer the call!!  Will you go?  Just be you!  BE a light in the darkness, salt to preserve.  GO and DO your good works.  For just as a prophet is not accepted in his/her hometown, so will they not hear you.  So, take my GLORY on the road!  They will SEE your love as you love as I would love by going to seek and save that which is lost.  Go after the one sheep that has strayed, as I do!  Follow my heart in your steps.  I need laborers.  I provide for my own!  Ask, seek, knock!  BE the parable of the insistent neighbor!  Ask me specifically, strategically.  Write to me, speak to me, sing to me-just consciously commune with me!  And I will show you great and awesome things.  I go with you as do my angels ministering.  Know your assignment.  Know your enemy.  Pray accordingly.  Commit your ministry plans to me and your plans will be established.  I give you the desire of your hearts.  You must walk it out as your part to walk into your destiny.  For I will RAISE an anointing as fire upon your heads!!  Everywhere you place your feet will be blessed.  

WOE to the unrepentant victimizers!!!

Woe to the sowers of discord! 

Woe to those that lead others astray!

Woe to the victimizers with no conscience!  What you have done to these little ones, you have done to me!  It would be better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble!  I remember and I will repay!  To the unrepentant:  A warning!

I can even forgive your trespasses against these helpless ones!  If that you were repentant!  But you are not!!  You answer stiff-necked and proud in your pride.  “For surely who can stop us?”, you say to yourselves, “We are above the law!”. you say among those of your rotten households!  But the Lord God is here to tell you, “I AM the law!!!  I AM that I AM and there is NONE above ME!!!”

Those who take part in killing the unborn, I, the Lord, will dash YOU upon rocks lest you repent!  How do you partake  of the murder of the human being creations I gift to you!??  And you do this with EASE!  NO after-thought!  No remorse!  No conscience!  Lest you repent I will do to you the same!  And I will have no conscience of YOU!!  The same to you as you ignore the homeless as if invisible!  You ignore ME!  And for my ones in prison, you find them distasteful and not worth your time!  So I am not worth your time?  To the homeless, he or she does not exist!?  Yes, I take care of the sparrow, but I gave you a job to do and to love with my hands and feet, to provide needs!  To treat these poor wanderers the way YOU would want to be treated!  And some of you will find this out and have no doubt in my scales of justice.  

For the wages of sin is death!  Thou shalt not murder!!  These precious ones that I have knit together in their Mother’s womb-they belong to ME!!  NOT YOU!!  My anger is kindled against such as these.   My spirit will not always strive with man!  Yes, I am slow to anger because of my mercy, yet I DO anger and I DO repay!!  I will hold YOU accountable for all the blood spilled!  The EARTH is crying out!!  No longer does it constrain this grievous chorus!!!  It has reached my ears and grieved my heart so that I can NO LONGER BE SILENT!!!  I will raise against you the judgment you have earned in your lawlessness!  And to the states of America and other places around the world that are taking up my cause, I tell you I will remember you in my mercy when the judgment falls.  

I will not FORCE myself on anyone or take away your ability to choose.  For I am a gentleman of gentlemen.  I desire obedience, not sacrifice.  I long that you obey me from a pure and just heart’s cause.  All that I am is love.  You will find me if you follow love.  And in that I warn, I am also the perfect, SWIFT, and JUST judge!!!  I will come SWIFTLY and repay!!  I will show you who mock me!!  REPENT!!  For the Kingdom of heaven is at hand!  The Kingdom can live within YOU as the tabernacle!  I AM my Kingdom!  In my fullness!  I am willing to live within YOU!   This is an invitation!!  I made you in my image to inherit the Kingdom!!  I have ALL power.  To those of you who live in their stolen authority, I remind you that I will reclaim, and with it possibly your very soul to an eternity of hell and suffering, separation from me that YOU chose!!  So choose you this day whom you will serve!!  I can abide in you and give you the power to choose life!  Turn from your sins!  GO-and SIN no more!!  I am willing to relent a portion of what is written for you in my holy book.  Even in this, ask me to show you my heart, how it FEELS when you murder my precious ones, or kill with hate, avoidance, neglect!!!  How do I feel when you take advantage of the tender-hearted children through your callous and self-serving LUSTS!??  I will come unto you and break your heart as you have broken mine lest you change your ways.  Give me a chance, so that I may pass over your dwelling the angel of death that comes.  Will you write the blood of my love and covenant upon YOUR heart and doorpost today?  Will you let me in?  I long to dwell there!  I came for sinners-NOT to condemn them, but to SAVE them!  Turn your will and your life over to me!  I will change your desires so that you may choose to change your ways.  I have my part and you have your part.  It does not please me that the angel of death hangs, looming, ready to destroy as ordered, as written in my perfect judgments which must come.  Oh, the sadness of my heart for what I must follow through and do.  For I cannot abide unrepentant, violent hearts full of evil pleasures.  Beneath my judgment is justice at heart!  A pure heart of a just cause!  The age of grace is slowly closing.  It’s end will come!  I implore you to enter in while there is still time.  For no man knows what a day may bring forth:  your life may be required of you this very day or night!  There is a time coming when decisions are final!  Choose you this day with whom you will serve-the temporary lawless one who will rise and his glory quickly fade, or  me, the eternal one who was and is and will always be!!  I hold all of the universes in my hands like marbles at play, yet I am mindful of you.  





I had a dream a couple nights ago, on the 21st.  It was very vivid, especially the faces of the people.  Betrayal was happening to me.  As I went around the room I went from person to person saying, “and you are a hypocrite, and you are a hypocrite…”.  It did not seem to phase the people.  They were religious but not spiritual.  Scripture tells us the signs to look for in determining if a brother or sister is from God or caught up in a religious spirit.  This bunch was religious.  There was no love, but just a smug expression, false peace based on works they had done, esteeming themselves higher than me or others based on their performance.

We know we are saved by grace through faith.  It is a free gift, not anything we can buy or earn, lest any man or woman boast.  What we do afterward-our good works-done unto the Lord determines our rewards.  It’s all about motive.  And it’s never about earning it.  It’s about humbly walking one day at a time and plugging in for that day for the strength and power to get through.  Galatians chapter five.  It’s about him, not me.  I must decrease and he must increase.  

The reason I believe God gave this dream to me is that we are now going to see more of a dividing line between these two groups of people:  the pharisee types of self-righteous bean counters who think they are better because of their money, their position, their education, their years of service, their intellect, their accomplishments and good works.  On the flip side are those are know they could not earn the Father’s approval through works, but for to receive rewards.  This bunch is even amazed that God could love a sinner like them.  Sin hurts their heart and they repent.  And they don’t condemn, but build up.  (Now correction is something different entirely and I did a piece on that about Matthew 18 which you can find in the archives here.) 

The humble know that the reason they were made right was nothing they did or even could do but by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ the- glorious Son of God- who overcame the sins of the world, went down into hell and suffered in our place so that we could be restored to right relationship with the Father.  Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.  The life is in the blood.  The authority is in Christ’s blood.  Therefore we plead it, whether in harms way, or when we are hurting, or needing favor, or protection, or provision, and especially when the devil reminds us of our past sins.  We put that blood on everything, figuratively of course. 

We must remind the powers of darkness that we have this authority and this weapon, if you will, against the onslaught of accusations and expectations from the devil, his minions, and religious people who may not even realize they are working on his team, and not really on Christ’s.  So the word is beware.  Beware of who you are around, who you open up to.  Be lead of the spirit.  Remember, Jesus always escaped the aggressive and advancing crowds-escaped danger-until such time as it was written that he be caught and crucified.  In much the same way, we, sharing in his sufferings and also in his glory both here on this dysfunctional planet and in the life to come-we all have our appointed times.  Not a minute before, or a day before, but right on schedule.  So, in this way, the spirit leads us as to who to have real fellowship with.  When to shake the dust off the sandals and move on.  Not with bitterness and malice, but with purpose, forgiving all, blessing and praying for all-especially those who have hurt us, whether brothers and sisters or random people.  

Also there was a man in the dream who came physically at me when I called him a hypocrite and he violently placed his hands around my head trying to crush it.  I could not feel it.  But I did fight back.  I could not feel that either.  I think God was using this dream as a warning and lesson to avoid such things if at all possible.   I am still praying and pondering on this, whether I did the right thing or not in the dream.    Just what was happening there?  I think this is one of those cases where God is both giving me a personal word of warning, information as well as being able to share this with the body at large for edification and building up all of us.  A timely warning for us all as we see the day approaching. 

Let us do our best to have sincere fellowship without condemnation-type judgments (Romans 2).  May we stay in grace and not veer off into thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought.  May it show in our actions toward our brothers and sisters.  And most importantly, may it come from the heart, flowing out as being connected in the vine rather than just going through the motions.  

God Bless you all.  

p.s. God has put another American city on my heart to visit and reach in missionary service and healing.  I have the gift of healing.  He usually sends me very broken people.  It is a joy to embrace their pain and share in it while pointing them to the one who can restore all things.  Any donations toward this end would be greatly appreciated.  I don’t think I should reveal the city until after the mission is complete.   Shedding light on darkness and dispelling it.