Six Swords

I was prayer ministering to a friend on the phone the other day, April 11, 2019(we take turns ministering to each other!  Not that we plan it that way, but it’s usually what happens!) She was divulging many injustices done to her.  We were speaking on forgiving even our captors, if it were, and those who continually do evil to us and are considered evil people.  Out of nowhere my attention was quickened to an image that unfolded as I spoke the vision to my friend on the phone.  Here it is below as I wrote it right after it happened. 

April 11, 2019

I saw six swords all lined up in a row perfectly and hanging in mid air, in formation.  Standing at attention.  Governed by an immovable power and purpose.   

 The environment was horrible!  Creepy,  like the aftermath of some cataclysm.  There was blood, smoke and fire all mingled together in the atmosphere, both up close and far away, it seemed!  It just hung ominously in the air.  It was palpable.  I could feel the grief behind these signs, the sorrow.   

  The tips of the blades were to the left in my mind’s eye.  My left.  Black handles. The kinds of handles made from wrapping it with strips of dark leather held together every so often with a brass stud.  They were relatively simple and straight forward instruments. 

   The sword tips began to drop down with the handles staying in position, as if pivoting down.    I could see the shiny, powerfully strong metal on the first blade.  It was very significant-stood out.  It had a gleam to it.  I have never seen metal like this.  The swords were very old patina, or finish,  as if they had been there throughout millennia.    Beginning with the first one  dropping down, and then the next sword  was about half the distance of the first, and onward to the third which was about half the distance of the second.  All appearing to have the intention to fall, sharply with determination and accuracy, authority.  All of this was translated to me from seeing the vision.

Of note, only the first sword was shiny, then the second the metal was barely visible and the third nothing yet.   The intimation, intended meaning, is that one at a time something will happen and be noticed, but will quickly be followed by something else right after.  One statement after another.  Each part of the whole but distinctly separate. 

I could see the shiny, powerful and strong metal on the first blade.  It was very significant.  It was perfect, majestic; blades only a master craftsman could produce.   It had a life force to it that I cannot describe.  Yes, all of that from just SEEING it.  I had a knowing.   It had a gleam to it.  I have never seen metal like this.  This vision truly paints a thousand words that I could gush and gush about. 

Update:  Someone shared the most beautiful Psalm with me:  Psalm 45.  I have read the psalms so many times and this one did not stand out until now.  This stood out to me in light of the ‘six swords’ word.  Thanks to the person who shared this psalm with me.  It’s so lovely when I see things established out of the mouth of two or three witnesses.  It’s like a spiritual jig-saw puzzle sometimes that we get to work out together-each submitting to the revelation of the other.  Which is, in all it’s biblical sense, what thoe speaking prophecies should do:  submit to one another in humility.  It’s beautiful as team work.  Isn’t that how the body is made?  up of parts?  Here is the scripture that stood out to me:

Update:  Psalms 45: 3-6, 3.”Put on your sword, O mighty warrior! You are so glorious, so majestic!  4. In your majesty, ride out to victory, defending truth, humility, and justice. Go forth to perform awe-inspiring deeds! 5.  Your arrows are sharp, piercing your  enemies’ hearts.  The nations fall beneath your feet.  6. Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever.  You rule with s scepter of justice.”  < This sure seems to me to be about our Jesus. 

My friend on the phone said it may have something to do with the six seals.  It’s been awhile since I have even thought of those.  I was thinking last year that we were entering the time of sorrows.   I am no bible scholar, so that thinking was not based on any timeline or anything, just on the SORROW that I saw around the world.  All the world groaning and suffering, people, plants, animals-we are all suffering so much.  Could it be this is a harbinger that the six seals are beginning soon to be opened?  Take it to the Lord.  I just know the vision is from him and my job is to put it out there. 

If you do not know Jesus today, call out to him!  He is perfect love and will answer!  Say exactly what you mean!  He knows it anyway!!  Ask him to be your lord and savior and show you what that means, to forgive you of your sins.  Be sincerely sorry.  He can work with that.  Only by his work on the cross can we have salvation and the forgiveness of sins by the shedding of his perfect blood.  Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins!   He earned it for us already.  We know down deep what is wrong and right.    Then read the bible beginning in the book of Mathew, Mark, Luke, or John.  You’ll see many of Jesus’ words there and you will meet him if you seek for him with all your heart, and if you follow what his still small voice says he will lead you to life everlasting .

God Bless the Reader in Jesus’ name of Nazareth! 

If you are one of those who would like to support this ministry, please do so at either my  paypal at:  or ask for my address via email:    It is a time right now when your support can help me to get another vehicle so that I can use it to make money so I can move off of the coast of CA soon.   The last vehicle was either sabotaged or a mistake was made during the repair process with no recourse for me.   It came back with no oil and I drove it and the engine was damaged.   Also, it was a vintage car and one part in particular could not be found, so it’s just as well it is gone.    So I sold it last year,  which was a blessing someone wanted it.    But with no car, my ability to earn has beens very limited.  So, I put the extra time into ministry.  A lot of one on one, prayer, reading, advocating for the gospel, building up the body of Christ.  I have made my mistakes but I soldier on.   

Thank you.  Much love, Mike.


AI Clam 1-22-2018

This following dream is very strange, but the meaning was given to me as I wrote this today.  It took a few hours of prayer, writing.  To me the message is clear.  It is to the saints as a warning.  And when the devils floods in, God does what?  He raises up a standard to protect his own!  So be sure to see the last paragraph on the bottom of how you can be part of the raising of the standard against the devil and his minions in the end times we are in. 

Dream.  Given 1-22-19; Posted 4-16-19 

I went to a former employer/friend’s house.  (Last contact several years ago due to her alcoholism and abusive ways.  To pray for her is all I am lead to do at this point.  Which is a shame because she has so many good qualities apart from the ‘alcoholic personality’.)   She was very deceptive.  Nine parts truth and the tenth part a lie that would destroy all the nine other parts.  A little leaven leavens the whole loaf.    And I would give her yet another chance and we would start from ground zero again, only to have her repeat this same pattern with me over and over and over.  I started wondering if there was any hope for her.  There is hope for all-no matter how ill.  I just could not keep buying tickets for a ride that was no longer amusing and more like a white water river adventure with sharp rocks that cut deep.   Reminds me of the AI I speak about in the following paragraphs.   Back to the dream. 

 I went there while she was asleep, but then she woke up at some point and came out in her robe.  Very eerie feeling, yet oddly enough this felt like home.  I had lived in this home on two occasions and it was bittersweet.  I always said she stood for my best friend and worst enemy in the same truth.  Others agreed.  It’s how she lived her life:  polarized.  And I now realize it’s the reason God used her in this dream so that I could get the true meaning of this dream/word.  I get it now.   AI is the Jezebel spirit in action.    Not all that glitters is gold.  

My boss was never touchy feely, nor was she easily startled.  She had lived in a remote location before this for years, and then to the city again.  More duality and polarization.  Her life was full of it.    She looked at me kind of oddly in this dream, though.  I guess because I was in her house?  I felt awkward and not wanted.  Like I was seeing the truth she did not want me to see.    That would not be like me to enter someone’s home if they were sleeping.  It’s obviously symbolic.  This woman was secretive and clever, so this was a ‘reveal codes’ scenario for me, except the message is much larger than this one woman, my former boss.  She is simply the type used in this dream to illustrate the meaning  of AI control. 

Next we were in the living room.  She was not too warm or friendly or emotional, as was her habit, except when the clam animated itself she watched in surprise and excitement.  She really connected with it, which is more confirmation of the dreams meaning.   She was showing me to the door when I saw this clam dancing on the arm of her furniture!   We both stood there in shock.  She was excited!?  why? what the heck!?    The clam wanted to be noticed, and the Jezebel spirit in my former boss noticed her!  Like spirits attract. 

 Then all of a sudden the clam was integrated with a tv screen that popped up from the reclining sofa (those 1960’s ‘S’ chairs). Old tube style tv.  The clam had these long tentacle-like fingers.  On the screen was the image of a Woman, AI looking, kind of like that ‘Max Headroom’ character from back in the early 80s’, which was very early AI video generated image software, ahead of it’s time….but veeery creepy to most.   

 The image on the screen  was paying very close attention to me as well.  Seductive.   Eyes locked on.  Hypnotic.  She was modern, futuristic really;  blond hair, she had a ‘false glory’ about her is the best way I can describe it and the colors were colors I had never seen before.  That stood out to me as being significant.  (because we know God has beauties in heaven beyond compare that no eye has seen so far.  So of course the dark side of Beelzebub has to copy-cat it for his 15 minutes of fame!).   Angel of light reference obviously.  She was both AI and Woman.  Beast technology and the beast system in all it’s deception.  And my former boss thought it was ‘cute’. yikes. 

  Somehow the pliable nature of the clam and the long tentacle/fingers could translate things to the screen.  The image  rested her face in her hands with the index finger pointing upward, which is an occultist pose from way back.  So we know from that pose which side she was on!  A tight fitting red dress the color of dried blood. (red was also the coloring on the side of the copter as you will see in next section!).    Could that be the blood of the saints who would not bow down to the beast system or the Anti-Christ?  You bet it is.  She was adorned with it, proudly.  Just as the copter up ahead in the next section was monogrammed with it.  Ownership.  Hidden in pain sight.  They want you to just think it’s the color red but it’s dried blood of the saints .  

This clam was somehow a pet.  Just a cute, harmless little thing, right?  Not.      Am I to assume the image on the screen matches the personality and character of the clam?  Is part of the message the integration of creature and technology?  Trans-humanism?  Is the clam symbolic?  pearl of great price?  is there something about clams I don’t know?  Assuredly.  Any marine biologists out there see anything significant with this?  A clam is closed up, hides a treasure.  But this Woman on the screen is no treasure!  She’s the opposite but wants you to think she is!  She is Jezebel!!  Your best friend until she decides she has had her fun and makes you her worst enemy hell bent on destroying you while she and her hordes of demons undermine, enslave, and slander you, your person, your ministry, your reputation, your livelihood,  and ultimately, take your salvation and rewards in heaven!  And unfortunately and grievously, she, the Jezebel spirit, has done this to many, and in the end, will do it to a great number.   It is written that she will.  She, the beast system.  The image of the beast. 

Clams come out of the Ocean.  The Ocean is run by the spirit of Leviathan, that great serpent!  So, it’s safe to say we know who sent the clam.  It was sent as a gift with the intimation that it contains a pearl of great price-AI-but AI is no pearl.  It’s more like a kidney stone that will bring the body of Christ to it’s knees in painful submission!  It’s a lovely yoke of bondage they are happy to have you wear, that will keep tightening until it cuts off your very supply of air and life, cuts you off from God almighty.      It will be used against us.  And I just heard today before posting this a message by Lois Vogel Sharp dated today, April 15, 2019, talking about AI not having a soul!  But they lie and tell you what they want, the AI does.    There is nothing precious about AI, not big help to humanity.  It’s a monitored slave system which we are already elbow deep in, only to get worse by the day.   AI is planned to be tool for satan and his demons to inhabit.  A huge part of the beast system.  Remember Jesus said “don’t look in their eyes!”?  Well now we know why.  GREAT deception.  I pray he shorten the days lest no flesh survive.   

Then the excitement of it all passed and we were in her kitchen by the back door.  Her body language was suggesting I leave as we moved toward that door, which had a big window in it.  The sky was ominously gray, it was in the evening.  Dismal looking.  Yet there were these spotlight-type yellow lights in a color I would not expect.  Kind of like the color of lightning bugs, fireflies-if you remember them.  Florescent is the word I am looking for here. But somehow with the warmth of the sun.  As if they want to hug you, but they were as searchlights,  mingling and flitting about the sky, as if searching for something.  That something is YOU.  That’s quite an embrace we could all do without.   

  They were coming toward this, my former boss’s home, form the north west.   Just then I saw the lights were coming from these oddly colored dark helicopters, kind of a muted, primer bluish-black color.  A  color of the lips of someone lacking oxygen or on their way to total frostbite!  They were coming closer.  Had to be about six of them in a military formation swinging back and forth like a skier does on the Slalom.    Then my former boss and I  said at the same time “get down!!”.  We both  hit the floor.  As I looked up I could see the ceiling was glass.  It could be symbolic of no escape, or that we are spied on, no privacy, like rats in an experimental end times cage?  Or more clearly, the kind of life spoken of in the novel, ‘1984’.

I could read the sides of the helicopter which was written as a company name in cursive.  Something to do with adventure.  I think it said “Illuminated” on the side in luminescent red. Like dried, blood with luminescence.     They looked so futuristic in color.  Not from our time. ( a time like no other).    I have never seen these colors before.  All the colors in the whole dream were like this:  unusual, new to me, unique.  In the house I was in,  the background furniture, appliances, and most things were muted colors, played down.  It was obvious what the focus of the dream was by those things or areas which were lit up in this way, like the clam, the other lady in the tv screen, the copters, the lights.  I sensed this was in the future.  Definitely foreshadowing future events and lifestyle.  A theatrical warming to the saints not to trust the beast or the beast system, all it’s fools Gold and living color. 

Why were we both hiding from these copters?  If this were only a company doing adventure? if it were just a marketing ploy?  what was the adventure they were offering?  adventurous for who?  (them, of course,  as they hunt us down.  And that’s not paranoia, my friend, and definitely not schizophrenia.  Just look around the world-Christians are being hunted down and slaughtered left and right).  That might have just been the cover story I think?   but what were they looking for?  us?  I got the sense this was a ‘pay to play’ type situation  and that this might be a marketing stunt but a bait and switch.  Once in their ‘possession’ the real game would unfold as they dropped us off at some processing facility for God knows what purpose.  Boy they are tricky.  “Hi, we’re here from the government and we’re here to help”.  Not    But why the ominous color to the copters?  why did we have to get down if there was no danger?  was it a deception?  masquerading as one thing but really being another?  Reminds me right here of the candy man from the movie ‘Willy Wonka’ who said the kids could have any kind of candy they wanted, but in reality he only wanted to get them in the cage and take them to the King!.  Boy, if that was not predictive programming in that movie because of what we now know about the ‘cage kids’ that the evil elite use for their nefarious purposes.  So the moral of the story is this looks creepy to me with the copters.  Obviously a bait and switch scenario.  The adventure is probably a trip to the local FEMA joint where heads will roll unless those brought there denounce Christ or agree to some other  program  going on at the time.  Note, the color of the searchlights and that of the hair of the blond woman in the video were oddly similar.  Oh, boy were they related!

This website is full of information for the saints to help us get in line with God’s perfect will for us in the coming delusion and deception.  NOT being in the beast system would be wise for those God is calling to be the hidden away part of the body, or for those who would like to survive.    Not everyone is called to the same things and lifestyle.  He will do with each what he will do.  The safe havens are being built to house who he would put there, and for a refuge for the poor wanderer who is escaping persecution in the midst of the times coming up.  So, please support those places such as the one Gary and Lois Vogel Sharp are building in Upstate NY. (King of Glory Ministries on youtube, and from there you can get the address and information on the website where the whole ‘ark vision’ is laid out.  I got a similar  vision from God  given to me 30 plus years ago!). 

 They already have the land, over 100 acres.  Now they need the road put in and the building materials after that.  Many hands make the work light.  I KNOW this place is of God because of what God showed me about it over a year ago when Lois Vogel Sharp started putting the words on youtube.  I emailed she and Gary then and I saw four angels spread a canopy over this land.  They were HUGE angels and this place is covered in God’s glory. Many miracles will happen there.  I will end up there.  So may others.  Even you?  So, let’s sow into this work for the body of Christ.  Let’s face it, evil will wax worse, but God is faithful to provide a Goshen for his people. 

Never have we seen a time as we are seeing now in this day and age.  We really need to act like we are expecting him.  We need to act like we love each other.  We need to show it.  It reminds  me of the rocks crying out if no one else will praise him!  Will those in the body with funds provide for the body?  or will they worship the money and the beast system instead?  will they give some of the plenty they have for the sake of the least of these, the sick, and the laborers?   or will God have to rain down money, which you know he can do.  Will you lose your heavenly rewards or hold onto the cookie in the jar like the monkey?  Afraid to let go?  It is plain to us what is coming for the believer:  oppression.  Let’s all meet down by the river and have a blessed time communally  until the groom shows up once the cities are too dangerous to live.  And that is rapidly approaching. 

I have recently been told to put my contact information under each message, word, vision, poem, etc…because I do, in fact, work for the gospel and need the support. 

To support me and the work that I do, please email me at: for my mailing address.  My paypal is  I chose that name because it’s the evil beneath that we are to expose.  Your donations would be greatly appreciated so that I can venture on the ministry path God has for me to include travelling in a van and ending up going around to the different safe havens eventually.  God Bless you richly in all truth and wisdom.  -Mike





Head to the hills 11-2-2018

Soldiers be of good courage.  Gather your gear, head to the hills.  Abandon your fears.  When the time will come I will tell my own.  My sheep hear my voice, so make the right choice.  For today pray, for a sanctuary to stay, to ride out the storm, to battle on your knees.  For I will hide my precious gems for awhile as I see fit.  For seasons to rest a bit. 

Tender hearts 2-2018

I am corralling my tender hearts.  As the world waxes worse, great is the grief and sorrow of these my precious ones.  I long to hold you close to my bosom.  Your own brothers and sisters in the body of Christ attack you.  Your time is spent healing from those in the same body?  If there is an illness in my body, I will heal it, declares the Lord.  I will not allow this to prosper.  I am removing you-setting you apart.  So many of you long to walk closely and are hindered by the constant attacks, overcoming the venomous stings of those appointed over you, whose tenure is not tenure at all lest they think differently.  A city on a hill, shining are you!  Your destiny is sure!  For such a time as this I am moving like a mighty rushing wind.  I will move you.  I will do the work.  When you have done all you can do-stand.  And now by my spirit it is as if you fly.  Quickly. 

Storm coming 7-20-18

I had gotten this dream last summer.  Shame on me for not posting these sooner.  I hope to walk worthy of the calling form now on.  It takes maybe 30 minutes for my slow fingers to type one, so I think God is worth 30 minutes today.  I don’t know why I procrastinated.  I was always busy with something.  Now I am auditing my time and seeing where it has been going and making a couple corrections which will help the schedule.

I believe this dream has something to do with judgment and the coming of Jesus.  Having family members in it was disturbing to me.  I thought about this a lot over the months.  Maybe it was not time to post it til today?  I don’t know . But here I am. 

Looking out over the Ocean was a black wall/cube ‘mass of death’.  It was comprised of what looked like black, wispy creatures woven together in a mass (kind of like snakes will do in a group).  It was cubed shaped.  Sitting up in the sky.  Below the water was beautiful and the sand.  It was a beach and I was looking out at these cubes.  I think it was Israel.  I say cubes because there was another one  (and the word used could be ‘collumns’).  The next ‘cube’ had what looked like Jesus filling up most of it.  Mostly I saw his back, surrounded by clouds that were rotating like the clouds that do on the outside of the tornado, kind of just hanging in air.  I could see him dimly off and on.  It made me think of the scripture, “for now we see through a glass darkly, but then we shall see face to face”.  The cubes/columns were very close to each other, touching almost.  So does this mean evil is loosed upon the earth as a judgment.  Jesus’ back was turned in the next cube because he does not delight in seeing the suffering?  or because we don’t see his face until he returns? 






Infrastructure foreshadowing

I have been going over dreams I have received in the past.  Something I should have done more of regularly so that I can pray and discern which to share, which are personal, and which were the food I ate before bed! 

This dream is dated 5-1-2018, almost a year old!  How time flies.  After re-reading it I realize this is so much foreshadowing of all the agendas the USA has signed into law about how everything will be under government control with martial law, a regional calamity, or God forbid, a military invasion.  (which I do believe an invasion militarily is coming from all sides) .

The beginning is basically just me and my person.  But there is a discernment that comes with these dreams that this means that sort of thing.  The dream was vivid, easy to remember upon wakening, and definitely seems quite possibly in our near future the next few years even?  The bit about the van is something I was not thinking seriously of doing until just recently and then last summer I was thinking about it.  So, that was news to me.  The part  about the freeways being shut down is written in many of those agendas they have.  And the kiosks and all that?  I have heard that mentioned in many words, dreams, and visions.  For example the Joe Brandt kid from 1937 who had the dream about the CA earthquake, HE saw those screens all over, and we had not yet had television even!  Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses will a thing be established.  The gift of prophecy is subject to other people also operating in that gift.  So, when I see similarities with other words, yet KNOW that what I got was not influenced by them, then I know GOD as the source.  It’s just a knowing.  It’s a confidence and a strength in my spirit that it’s from him.  I don’t hear the voice audibly.  Here is the dream. 

      Dream 5-1-18    I was living post-apocalyptically with what appeared to be gypsy-type people.  I remember a candle and a kitty (cat, feline) was too close to the flame and got overheated, barely alive.  I took him to get help.  That turned into living in a van in this parking lot.  A store was before me.  A late model car drove through the front doors, a 1980s car, so I took off for safety.  It followed me and chased me, circling me so I got out of there.  Country roads.  Which way to go?  I wanted the ‘5’ freeway (major CA freeway where I live). 

The freeway system was like a fortress unto itself and heavily controlled. Noticeably painted gray; I saw no one on it or using it.    I could see it within reach but could not get the vehicle down there.  I could even see a walkway but no apparent way to access it?  I must have passed it, I thought to myself (the entrance to the freeway, that is). 

Next I am in a heavily wooded area.  So I found a weird ‘store’ to ask directions in.  There were two bizarre AI (artificial intelligence screens) that were like an information booth type set up . They were like Max Headroom from the 1980’s from MTV (music television, which debuted in 1983, I believe).  The screens were flickering and with bright colors (second dream this happened in.  I had another one just the turn of 2018, in January I believe which I will be posting soon.) I started toward this screen and said to myself, “no way I am going to use that creepy thing”. 

There were a line of people for something or another.  It was some kind of community outpost for the neighborhood.  I asked this one girl-she was a big girl (not sure if significant, so I mention it just in case.  I love all people, even big ones.  Kind of larger myself).  She has black hair.  She rattled off where to go and get ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ is, probably the entrance to the freeway I had been looking for.  I could not follow what she said.  She did not even make eye contact.  She seemed preoccupied and somewhat despondent.    One thing I know for certain, NO ONE in this community center wanted to use these ‘video kiosks’.  They were, indeed, complicated and creepy.  Very evil AI looking (artificial intelligence). 

I felt trapped.  I was carrying my van and mindful to get me and my cat out of there. 



Chicago, a call to repentance

You are set to be judged.  For a little while longer you will be allowed  to do your evil deeds, so that the judgment written against you is complete.  You will shake.  You will rumble, and I will wash you off the earth, says the Lord.  I will come quickly with both rewards and judgments.  To him in your city who has washed his robes clean with the blood of the lamb, I will rescue, transport out, or catch up with me as Enoch as I (emphasis on I) will!  For he who has persisted to do evil, oppress the poor, harvest organs and create great deception-you will in one day do these no more.  If your government and leadership repent, the severity will be lessened, but I WILL (emphasis not screaming) come because there is a MEASURE of final judgment  written against you.  I will NOT relent.  I have spoken.   Be warned to him who has an ear, let him, whether lampfull or lamp lacking, that you have been warned.  If you are to leave according to my perfect will, I will warn you to leave.  If I choose you to stay and I save you in the midst then I will.  I will deal as I (emphasis again) see fit!  No one counsels me.  No one corrupts me.  No one has MADE  me or holds  SIN against me on account of or for.

  I am holy.  My judgments are just.