Addressing similarities, concerns and discernment as to the word I received June 2 on the calendar, and the word Pastor Dana Coverstone came out with weeks later.

The long paragraph below is a response to a response and prayer for anyone affected by the palpable fear generated by this viral timeline vision word.  When I delivered my word on this, I included hope for repentance, prayer, and comfort.  When Pastor Dana Cornerstone delivered his, it was very raw and fearful, because he-by his own admission-is new to delivering the prophetic.  I found it odd when I delivered the timeline vision that I did not have details.  I sensed that there were details somewhere, but I did not have them.  Then some weeks later, Pastor Dana showed up with a LOT of details.  Gruesome, horrible, gut wrenching details.  I remember Dana saying he received this word originally in Dec. 2019 but did not deliver it.  Perhaps my delivering it in a general form inspired him to deliver it finally?  I don’t know.  I have heard nothing from him.  He might not even know I exist.   I just know that I received it and when I received it.  I know that from the warning the Lord gave to me, prayer is the best weapon:  spiritual warfare.  Also, pray against the spirit of prophetic deception. The devil is very clever, don’t you know.  He knows the word better than us.  And his time is short, so he is pulling out all the stops.  But we have the victory through the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua Hamashiach! Our soon and coming King!
This is the link to the prayer from this awesome Brother on Youtube, JesusLandTv:  If you listen to him first and pray the prayer, the rest of this post will become more clear!  Amen and Hallelujah!  God is binding us together.  Trust your discernment.  Submit to one another. 
My edifying and appreciative response to JesusLandTV below as I posted at the above link where he prayed the prayer!  🙂  All good and positive.  Nothing but love for this Brother.  
No, God has not given us a spirit of fear. Sometimes, in our weakness we may respond in fear to a warning word-and then it’s wise to seek the Lord like you have here, Brother! Great prayer! I was cracking up how you busted the forces of darkness. Amen. Hallelujah. I received a word on June 2 about a month by month timeline. I was given very few details, but a visual as to what each month looked like-particularly September. When I delivered the word which went on my website, and it was posted at When I delivered it I exhorted the people to pray.
Prayer can avert many judgments. We see from Jonah’s story that repentance saved a city. God warns the church to stand in the gap. That’s our job-intercession. Taking spiritual authority over the forces of darkness. So, because of the warning we knew to pray. I am glad that Pastor Dana expounded on the word that God gave me. Perhaps that’s why I felt a block when I gave that word because, as Dana has said, Dana received the word in Dec. 2019? I was puzzled and stated so in the recounting of the vision that I did not have details but only this visual which I shared here on my website and in the best detail I could muster or felt permission to. 
Per Pastor Dana’s testimony, he said he got this word last December but did not release it til this summer, weeks after my word. Perhaps I was used to spur him on to release it? I have no idea. It’s like he is a celebrity all of a sudden which is odd to me as well. From my perspective from walking in the prophetic ministry and seeing fruit-that lasts-I can say, Pastor Dana is new to this. On the other hand, I am baffled that I am so upset after viewing him speaking on these things. When I was not afraid to begin with and I already know what’s coming because I was shown it, but with the comfort that Jesus wanted to hold me and shield me.  Only pray and repent the spirit said to me and he will move. That was the environment in which I delivered this same word.  
  So, fear is the devil’s tool. I recognized that right off that a strong spirit of fear was attached to Dana’s word. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind. And therefore I prayed. So, it kinda baffles me that Pastor Dana had originally delivered this the way he has.  He is a Pastor so?   I may have some insights as to why.   We just heard the negative in the beginning with him-no positive. As time goes on, he is changing to be more positive as he is on more and more ‘shows’. Instant celebrity. 
You have to understand that when someone receives a prophetic word, we feel the brunt of the intensity of it. It’s a powerful thing. It’s a spiritual gift and it takes time to exercise this gift. Because God almighty is filtering something through fallible human flesh and we can get in the way-muddy the waters. This can be because-by Pastor Dana’s own admission-he is new to this. I know I did not do everything perfectly when I first started recounting, passing on the prophetic words and warnings God gave to me years ago.    Others helped me along the way and corrected me.  Because, after all the spirit of the prophet is subject to the control of the prophet.  I’m not saying I am a prophet, but it fits for any prophetic gifting and utterance:  submission one to another.  It’s the whole of God’s spiritual family structure and structure of the church to do so. 
 It’s not an easy job. So, conscientiously, Pastor Dana needs to deliver hope with the warning. He appears to be going in this direction, but still my spirit is unsettled for a reason I cannot explain.   It makes me wonder. When I delivered my timeline vision on June 2, I gave love and hope with it, expressed the warning to pray. We’ve all been praying anyway realizing things are evil and it’s through prayer, repentance, and spiritual warfare that we will win against the enemy.
Judgment begins in the house of the Lord. I will begin posting the words I get to youtube so that a wider audience will receive them.   I had thought God wanted me outside the public eye.  So, it will not be my face so that the AI Beast system can use it against me-duh church.  I will post them as soon as I get them unless otherwise shown by the holy spirit to not do so.

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