Marching orders

I have been pressing into the Lord recently.  Cleared up some fallow ground, increased fellowship and warfare and got the boldness back and am overcoming by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. 

What God is having us focus on now is less about individualism and more about team.  There is no I in team.  It’s about all of us in the body, as a body, as the unit. 

Scripture is loaded with military references for living the Christian lifeIn particular now, the spirit is calling (up) his leaders, his cadre, his staff.  Thinking as a unit and being a unit will require growth on the part of those called.  We MUST submit one to another, the Father impressing on me.  After listening to Sister Bette’s word from A Servant’s Heart on youtube for Jan. 1, 2019, it sparked the gift in me last night, as I fell asleep in a sweet peace, even though I heard scary situations being discussed, there was no fear, but observance in confidence.  Yes!  I want that secret place under his wings more often!  This is because the anointing is on ME to be as a Hezekiah, a King and a Priest and a leader of a tribe of praise! I was given this calling at the Potter’s house in southern Ohio back in the mid 1990’s.  It was clear to me that it was an “If I walk it out” word. That was a powerful time with that ministry.  Only time I ever felt something physically shift in my spirit. And that was before I even arrived there!  (they had been praying for weeks before!).    Time to take more steps to walk into it!  And I am in the company of Elijah’s and Debras and others walking into their callings!  And how exciting.  And I sense the Father saying don’t look at the limitations but at him.  Do our best and he is merciful where we lack be in physically challenged or whatever.  ALL things are possible.  Just add belief.  And we have a hall pass to do so!!  He’s so good to us to even be as a spiritual convenience food!  We are still in that age of grace and we are going to need that learning curve as we aspire to walk worthy of this message and calling. 

We the prophetic are charged with (given the responsibility to do)- and as we are already learning -to submit one to another, for as scripture says, “the spirit of the prophet is subject to the control of the prophets”.  It’s about humility.  Not whose right or wrong, or who got the word, got it first and all of that.  But that we arrive in unity of the spirit and love one another.  Iron sharpens iron.  His wings of iron now cover us.  He gives his best equipment to his most proficient warriors.   

He wants us to rise above that thinking (the world’s structure of management and overseeing) to HIS.  He is doing something very special among we the prophetic right now.  Don’t miss it!  It is imminent and it is training!  We have to show up for training and do our part.  As for me and my house, I humbly submit.  I don’t have all the answers, but I am part of orderly worship. I will suit up, show up and learn, and do things I have not wanted to do, especially exiting the comfort zone). I will stir up the gift or have it stirred!  lol    I will be bold in speaking what he gives me.  I will be honest with other watchmen and women on the wall.  That’s my commitment today. For if one can put a thousand to flight, and two can put ten thousand, imagine what a whole tribe can do! We can put a million to flight perhaps?  And from the sounds of it, we are going to be up against some formidable foes.  But, fret not.  God.  Just three simple letters.  He’s equipped us.  It’s kind of like those super hero movies.  We are going to see elevated gifts and abilities.  Did he not say, “Greater things will you do”?  Yes, he did say that.  Let’s worship the giver not the gift, but use the gifts as secret weapons when we need to.  Simply put, people, he needs to raise up some elite squads to be on the ready.  I hope I make the cut. 

 Unity of purpose is the very essence of who God is in three parts:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  And Jesus’ prayer was “Father make them one as you and I are one”.  That’s job one.  Simple but not easy.  It takes a team.   Let’s not miss it. But let’s step it up I am hearing.  Thanks, Bette for receiving your latest word from the Father and being on the front lines obediently to answer the call, standing in the gap and proclaiming obediently what he gives you

 And the Father gave me something this morning that was inspired from Bette’s word, and adds to it and the concept of what the Father is doing and saying.  It was brewing for days and now I understand it because it ties into what her word was. (not to mention another word I got which I will share about heightened awareness and understanding, spirit of power.  I think it ties directly into being specially equipped as this ‘force on the ready’ coming soon and needed.)

Here is what flowed out of me with little thought of my own-just like a river. 

We in this tribe are of the clan who are the spokespersons who will be protected for a time, times, and half a time.  Bold as a Lion will we go.  I, the Lord, have put some of my weakest (what the world thinks as weak) in front (first to fight, front lines reference) so that my power be seen through them.  It’s not about who I use, but about me, declares the Lord.  I am!  My ways are better.  I will prove it now so that the Judgment written against Lucifer will be complete.  My people will serve me and overcome.  I will have a bride. 

You will marvel at my provision and safety as you obey the call to Go!  Go!  Go!.  You will have no doubt that you are the apple of my eye and that I have called you for great exploits.  I do nothing without first revealing it to my servant’s, the prophets.  If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?  You are my foundation for the end times. 

All I have shown you will come, but fear not.  Love conquers all.  (I sense his heart not to fear death, pestilence, situations, lack, physical limitations,  but rest in him, knowing that not only is he going to keep his spokespersons alive, he will give divine power and strength, and providence when needed.  This is physically speaking.  He wants to reiterate this.  There is no perfect time because he is and we are not, so I think as for me, I will LET him! We have all improved, but he picks up where our lack leaves off!   He no longer wants us to have the attitude to wait until this or wait until that, but the time is NOW I am getting. As if like a light switch-just do it-flip it.  Even if we do  perish, it’s all love.  The whole transition will be covered in love if we abide in him.    And it will be easier when we have more unity in the body-which he is bringing he said!  THEN, I am getting we will start to RUN, it will be the fast track.  We have been praying come quickly and he is trying to bring this to fruition.   And he is holding us accountable to this now!  Times up on that one). 

He goes on to say, “I will quicken your mortal bodies for the task at hand.  Do what is in front of you.  Don’t ask questions, but obey.  When it is imminent.  I have told you that you are to move as a unit.  Is it a coincidence, you think, that I have knit you together for this time?  No!  It is by divine design as you were chosen before the foundations of the world!  So walk in your destiny!  Use your sword in the spirit realm now at all times!  You have been activated, called up!  A soldier loses interest in the cares of the world.  (and I get a sense from the Father that we are not to worry about provisions or our needs if we are acting in great faith, for we will have great rewards.  If we obey, then he is faithful.  It’s impossible to please God without faith.  I think I have some mustard seeds in the cupboard!  That’s all-it’s just the act of the will to trust and he does the rest anyway, so why do we worry?  The intimation is it’s ok to prepare, but also trust that if I am separated from those provisions, he is Lord over that lack.  It is not a dereliction of duty to be a victim even after trying our best, for he sees all and knows all.  It’s the world’s ways which we are in but not of, yet they still wear us down.  This wearing down will become less as we band together.    Never have we seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread!  He will provide, just rest in him (which I observe is opposite of the self-sufficiency the world drills into us our whole lives).  Ok, back to the word….He says, …”I have called you to this (soldiering).  No more talk only!  Action!  Now get into place.  Go where I send you.  I am opening shelter now for the poor wanderer.  Stoke (the fires of) your faith.  Declare your need and in my name I will fulfill my end.  I am a good General.  I take care of my soldiers.  I will never leave you.  No, I will never leave you!  I will in NO way LEAVE YOU!!!



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